Conditions of Entry

(Effective as at October 2017)

1. Teams acknowledge and accept the Conditions of Entry contained herein, or as otherwise amended and notified.

2. Any Clubs/Regions affiliated with, or invited by, Water Polo NSW (WPNSW) are able to enter teams in any competition.

3. All team entries must be submitted, on the prescribed entry form, on or before the due date. Late entries will only be accepted, at the sole discretion of WPNSW, where deemed to be for the overall benefit of the competition.

4. Team Entry cost for all competitions will be a standard fee of $750.00 (inc GST). This including costs equalisation and WPNSW subsidy in comparison National Championships and other tournaments. In addition, teams will be charged where appropriate (as detailed herein) for referees, late entry & withdrawal fees and tournament fines. Non-payment of entry fees when due may result in withdrawal (at WPNSW discretion) of the team from the relevant competition with withdrawal fee payable.

5. All Clubs/Regions are to be ‘financial’ with WPNSW, as per standard payment terms or as otherwise agreed, in order to have team entries accepted.

6. Any team withdrawing entry after the close date will be charged the full entry fee plus additional $100.

7. Any team entry received after close date, will be charged a late entry fee of $100 per team entered late in addition to the standard team entry cost.

8. WPNSW reserves the right at its discretion to re-grade teams or to refuse the acceptance of any entries.

9. All players must be registered financial members and regularly playing with their nominated Club/Region at the date of opening of team entries or within six (6) weeks of the commencement of competition.

10. Players are encouraged to participate with a team from the region where they reside on a regular basis.

11. Where a player is a member of more than one affiliated Club as well as playing and training on a regular basis with both Clubs, then the player can decide which is their ‘primary’ Club for all NSW Aged Championships for the current season. WPNSW CEO shall determine the eligibility of all players and/or decide on any written dispute or enquiry. For all aged championships, players can only participate with one (1) Club during the same season.

12. All nominated players, coaches, team managers, table officials, referees must be registered in Sports TG by the due date for team lists being provided. Where a member has additional roles (ie: player/coach/referee/etc) this must be identified in Sports TG for ALL roles.

13. All teams must provide WPNSW, as and when requested, with contact details of coaches, managers and referees.

14. Teams are required to nominate, as part of the team list, one (1) competent referee and one (1) table official per team entered. The nominated person(s) must be a registered member of the Club/Region associated with the team and cannot also be the team coach or a player participating in the relevant competition (applicable only for U14 & U16s).

15. All Club nominated referees must have undertaken the NOAS course and successfully completed the theoretical & practical assessments prior to beginning of the nominated competition. WPNSW shall notify teams of endorsement of nominations where the nominated person is deemed by WPNSW to be actively involved with ongoing referee development programs. Where a team does not receive endorsement of the nominated referee, WPNSW shall provide a referee at a cost to the team of $35 per game (including accommodation and travel at WPNSW costs). Teams cannot make arrangements with referees nominated by other teams or members of other Clubs.

16. WPNSW endorsed Club referees are to be available to officiate the game immediately after their team has played or as otherwise appointed by WPNSW.

17. Nominated Table Officials shall have completed the online course plus have practical experience to perform both the secretary and time keeper duties. Table Officials from both teams must be available for the game immediately after their team has played. Where a person is not sufficiently trained or experienced then WPNSW shall provide supervision and training during the competition for nominated persons at a one-off cost to the team of $35.

18. Where a Club referees or Table Official is not available for the appointed game then a fine will be charged to the team of $50 per incident.

19. All competitions will be played under ‘WPNSW Competition Rules’, applicable at the time of the competition, plus official FINA Rules. If any inconsistency exists between the rules, the WPNSW rules shall prevail.

20. It is the responsibility of ALL teams to avoid forfeits and disqualifications. Forfeits should only be an ABSOLUTE last resort as it undermines the competition, game schedules as well as increasing administration.

21. No team will receive any competition points until all information requested has been duly received by WPNSW.

22. All teams agree to adhere to the spirit and intent of the Competition Rules plus abide by and enforce all WPNSW Code of Conduct provisions and “Think. Act. Play.” principles to all members.

23. All Clubs/Regions agree to clearly communicate and train team manages as to the details set out herein and responsibilities in accordance with the Competition Rules.

24. Teams agree to adhere to and follow all directions or decisions of the Tournament Director who shall have operational control and sole discretion to determine all matters and administer all Judiciary or disciplinary incidents during competitions.

25. Teams acknowledge that ‘Information Briefs’ or notices distributed by WPNSW from time to time, either prior to or during the season, form part of the conditions of teams to participate and/or the rules of the competition.

26. Teams acknowledge that the WPNSW CEO, or Tournament Director during competition, shall have discretion and authority to provide exemptions to the Conditions of Entry and/or the Competition Rules where deemed to be either 1) for benefit of the overall competition, or 2) justified by individual circumstances. Any decisions shall not necessarily become future precedents.

27. Appeals of decisions can be lodged in writing with the WPNSW Board within 5 days of the competition with any overturn of decisions or retrospective changes only applicable by a Board resolution. During competition all appeals are to be lodged in writing and directed solely to the WPNSW CEO within 2 hours of the decision becoming known. WPNSW CEO can decide on the appeal at his sole discretion or form a panel to assist in making a decision.

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