Think.Act.Play is the program that was developed in conjunction with NSW Sport & Recreation and endorsed by WPNSW and WPA to ensure that core values, good reputation, and positive behaviours are maintained by players, coaches, managers, officials, and spectators. Water Polo NSW fully endorse the program and envisage it to be a cornerstone support to the development of the Sport.

The key messages that the program aims to promote are:

Think before you speak: What you say and do shapes the culture of our sport. Your words can influence the way people are seen and treated by others, and the way in which people feel about themselves. It can also impact the way the community perceives our sport.  Remember – what you say matters.

Act with respect: Showing respect and treating everyone fairly is just as important as the game. No matter who you are or where you come from, treating each other with respect and dignity ensures everyone can enjoy the game. Whether you’re playing, coaching or cheering from the sidelines – respect the referee’s decision.  Remember – to earn respect you must give it. 

Play in the spirit of the game: The way you play, coach and support says a lot about your character. Playing in the spirit of the game is more than just the rules.  Players that keep their cool under pressure, even when things are not going their way, have a better chance of winning the game. Coaches that encourage sportsmanship get the best from their players. Parents that set a good example help their children enjoy the game.  Remember – take responsibility for your actions and play in the spirit of the game.


Member Protection Policy
The Water Polo NSW Member Protection Policy underpins the Think.Act.Play program.
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Code of Conduct
There are specific Codes of Conduct for various stakeholders involved in water polo in NSW including players, coaches/managers, officials, parents, and spectators, which are to be adhered to under all circumstances.
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