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Next Course Dates:

WPNSW are not currently holding any NOAS courses. Updates will be available shortly. If you have a request for a group booking, this can be arranged and please contact WPNSW accordingly.

Further officials and referees information:

               -       Practical experience

               -       A nationally accredited Referee or Officials for your club team or school

               -       Officials and Referee enquires

Water Polo Australia's (WPA) Education Curriculum

WPA is in the process of implementing the new education curriculum and as this is released WPNSW will fall under this framework. The level 0/Community Level Course is now accessible through the WPA website as of September 2017. You can find it HERE.

Level 1 NOAS Course Course Pre-Requisites:

  • Applicants must be registered members of Water Polo NSW
  • Must be 16 years of age to be eligible for accreditation (Born 2001 or earlier)
  • Applicants must complete the ASC Online Beginning Principles Course for Officials and provide a certificate of completion
  • Applicants must complete Online Play By The Rules Course and provide a certificate of completion
  • Download official copy of FINA Water Polo Rules 2013-2017 and bring along to the course
  • Applicants must pay the $100.00 course fee before attending the course. No refunds available.


Level 1 NOAS Course Assessment

       1. Completion of pre-requisite cerficates

       2. Attendance for full course duration

       3. Completion of workbook activities


Level 1 NOAS Post Course Assessment

      4.     Completion of Course Workbook (within 30 days)

      5.     6 hours with an agreed mentor getting assessed (within 6 months)

      6.     Coaching formal practical assessment with an agreed assessor (within 6 months)

      7.     Qualified as a accredited official (4 years)

For any more information you can contact Danielle Smith (Development Program Officer) at

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