Registrations are now open.



Teams registrations are now open and teams must by registered by the 25th of September 2017 for the 2017/18 Summer season.

Players registrations are now open for returning play and players must be registered by the 29th of September 2017 – New players registration will open on the 13th of September.


Player membership is $99 for the year (1st April 2017 till 31st March 2018) and must be paid upon player registration. Players registering into 2 teams or clubs must call Cady Jorgensen on 95279621 or email after being registered for ONE of these teams/clubs. A reduced $55 membership fee will be for players joining the competition for the summer season, registrations for this will open on the 13th of September (reduced fee will last from the 30th of October 2017 to the 31st of March 2018).  



Team must be registered prior to members registering into team.

Teams may register under the "RBRA Domestic" club

Team Contacts must register their teams through the “Team Registration” portal on our website. Returning teams must register using their team code and password (this can be requested upon registrations).

Team Contacts will be given a team code they can pass onto team members who can then register using the “Player to Team Registration” portal on our website. Team Contacts will also have the option after completing their team registration to send the “Player to Team Registration” form to players email addresses. Team Contacts will also be given the option of re-registering returning players (this will send an email to returning player so they can confirm and complete the registration­).




Players can only register in a domestic club after being accepted by a Club Representative. Players must do this through the “Player to Club Registration” portal on our website.




Players wishing to use kidsport vouchers for registration fees must contact Cady Jorgensen in the office.


The Association will release registration day information shortly, where team contacts and players can register in the clubrooms with help from the association. If you have any questions please contact Cady Jorgensen by email ( or by phone (95279621).


All 2017/18 Summer Season information can be found below.



Nomination fee: $99 (upfront or in  3 instalments of $33) – per player / $55 for new player registrations into the Summer Season (will open on the 13th of September)  

Forfeit fee: Junior Teams $55 for Notified Forfeits and $80 for Un-Notified Forfeits – per team

Senior Teams $90 for Notified Forfeits and $105 for Un-Notified Forfeits – per team

(notified forfeits must be in writing to 24 hours prior to scheduled game)

All forfeits are to be paid before the next playing week. Failure to do so will result in the team being ineligible to take the court. A maximum of two forfeits notified or un-notified will be accepted, the third forfeit may result in the team being removed from the competition.

Game fee: Junior Teams $60 – per team

Senior Teams $68 – per team



Under 10  2010/2009 – RBRA are taking registrations for all under 10’s teams though having a split gender competition instead of a joint (not mixed) will depend on the number of registrations.

Under 12  2008/2007

Under 14  2006/2005

Under 16  2004/2003 (Womens under 17's will also include 2002 born)

Under 18  2002/2001

The RBRA are taking expressions of interest for an under 18 girls competition. Please email Cady at if you would like to register your interest.



Tuesday Night

Senior Competition

Commencement: 10th October 2017

Last round before Christmas Break will be on the 28th of November and first round back on the 6th of February

Non-playing dates: 7th of November

Semi Final: 3rd April 2018

Grand Final: 10th April 2018


Thursday Night

Under 14, 16 and 18 Men’s and Women’s  Competitions

Commencement: 12th October 2017

Last round before Christmas Break will be on the 30th of November and first round back on the 8th of February

Semi Final: 5th April 2018

Grand Final: 12th April 2018


Friday Night

Under 10 and 12 Men’s and Women’s

Commencement: 13th October 2017

Last round before Christmas Break will be on the 1st of December and first round back on the 9th of February

Non-playing dates: 30th of March

Semi Final: 6th April 2018

Grand Final: 12th April 2018



Summer Domestic Rules

As the changes to the “ state player rule” were only announced in the week before nominations closed for the summer season, the board has determined the rule will not apply for the summer 2017-2018 season.

The board apologises for any inconvenience this has caused.

The DBC is considering what rule changes it wishes to recommend to the board for the winter season and clubs will be advised in a timely manner.

All rules and regulations will run in line with the rules and regulations from the 2017 Winter Season and will be available when registrations open.  

All teams need to make sure they are up to date on all rules and regulations for the new season.

If you are in need of more players to fill a team please contact admin for individual nominations. 


Player to Team Registration

Player to Club Registration

2017 Social Membership