Flippa Ball

Flippa Ball aims to introduce juniors to a modified version of water polo by providing an enjoyable, interactive game that will encourage them to pursue the sport and go on to play water polo.

Flippa Ball has been designed for children aged between 8 and 12. It is a fun, simple game that can be played by all children regardless of their height, gender and, most importantly of all, their swimming ability. Due to Flippa Ball being played in the shallow end of the pool, children may use the bottom of the pool to rest and to feel safe and secure. 

Basic Rules of Flippa Ball

  • Players may catch the ball with either one or two hands, but can only pass or shoot with one hand
  • While holding the ball, players are not permitted to walk along the bottom of the pool or take the ball under water. They must either swim with the ball or pass the ball to a team mate.
  • When a player has hold of the ball they cannot be tackled. Other players must allow the player in possession of the ball to be able to pass or shoot the ball.

Through participation in Flippa Ball, children will learn and develop skills that are needed for water polo with greater ease. The lessons have been carefully constructed to allow for progressive skill development and to promote water confidence in young players.

What equipment is needed for Flippa Ball?

Ball: The Flippa Ball is smaller than a normal male or female water polo ball. They are available through Water Polo Victoria.

Goals: Regular sized water polo goals are 2 m wide and 0.75 m high. Goals for Flippa Ball may be contructed out of polypipe or be as simple as two cones or two garbage bins at either end. Commercial versions are available, including inflatable options. Contact WPV for more information.

Pool: Flippa Ball is played in the shallow end of the pool. Any pool with a shallow end would be suitable. A pool 20 m long and 15 m wide is preferble, although games can be modified to suit the size of any pool.

Cones: One set of plastic cones or markers consisting of:

  • 4 x red
  • 4 x yellow
  • 4 x white

Caps: You will need two sets of caps to identify the teams. Water polo teams play in white or blue numbered caps with the goal keeper wearing a red cap. Water polo caps are fitted with malleable ear protectors to safeguard the players' ears.

Timing Equipment: You will need timing equipment such as two stopwatches: one for the possession time of 30 seconds and one to monitor the game time. More expensive and commercial versions are available. Please contact WPV for more information.


Program Duration
Flippa Ball is best suited to a 7 week program, with skills being progressively introduced across the program. In a 7 week program, each session duration can be tailored to suit the time available. A base time allocation of 30-40 minutes is suitable, with more time required for 'one-off' sessions.

How do you get involved?
Schools are encouraged to contact Water Polo Victoria:
E: development@vicwaterpolo.com.au
P: 03 8560 2140