Judiciary Policy

Water Polo Victoria Judiciary Policy is a critical part of how we run our competitions. WPV has a panel of Judiciary who oversee our standards, and who also, when necessary, provide a panel for hearing allegations of a breach of our Judicial policy. 

In addition to the policy, WPV have a Judicial Report Sheet that is used by our Referees during all WPV competitions. An example of the Report Sheet is included within the PDF provided for reference, and is clear about the type of items that breach the policy, and the sanctions which can result.

Referees of any WPV game have the authority to report breaches of the Judicial policy, and provide details to VWPI for further action. The breaches are clearly specified, and sanctions can fall into two areas:

  1. Automatic suspension for specified periods
  2. Behaviours that go beyond automatic suspension and require a tribunal hearing

Whilst Referees are able to make reports based on behaviours they have seen, there may be times where a Referee is un-sighted to an incident. In these cases, a participant can make a formal complaint to the WPV Executive Officer. The person wishing to complain should take two steps:

  1. Notify the match Referee so that the team sheet can reflect that an incident has occurred
  2. Notify the WPV Executive Officer with a complaint in writing - at info@vicwaterpolo.com.au

A copy of the judiciary policy is available below.