Membership Protection Policy

Providing protection to all members is critical to Water Polo Victoria Inc, Water Polo Australia Inc as well as the Victorian State Government.

All Water Polo participants in Australian are governed by the Member Protection Policies provided by Australian Water Polo Inc. The Member Protection details the behaviours that are believed to acceptable, and is also very clear about the behaviours that are not acceptable in our sport. The policy specifies in detail the behaviours that are in breach of it's policy, and also the processes to be used for complaints to be actioned under the policies terms.

Who the policy applies to

The Member Protection Policy applies to all participants in our sport - Athletes, Referees, Officials, Coaches, Spectators and Administrators, and we recommend all Clubs and individual participants become familiar it.

Seeking help or making a complaint for a breach of the policy

WPV encourages any member of our community who believes they wish to make a complaint under the terms of the policy to use the processes available to you under the policy. Complaints are treated confidentially. In addition, if you would like further information, you can contact the WPV Executive Officer for a confidential discussion.

Obtaining a copy of the policy

To link directly to the AWPI website with all details on Membership Protection Policy - including details of Membership Protection Officers, please use the following link: