WPV Board

Water Polo Victoria is governed by a Board, which consists of 10 members.


President - Richard Phillips  

Richard has worked for over twenty years in the investment banking industry with Macquarie Bank, Goldman Sachs and now Greenhill. Prior to investment banking Richard was a solicitor at a commercial law firm. 
In his role as President of Water Polo Victoria Richard will work with the Board to focus on the key strategic issues, challenges and opportunities facing the sport. Richard is also focussed on ensuring the Board supports the Executive Office to deliver on the operations plan which is designed to meet the sport's   strategic objectives.

 Vice President - Alan Logan


Secretary - Bryan Wee

I have played water polo for 25 years and have held voluntary positions in the sport most of that time. I have been a Board Member for the last 5 years during which time I have re-drafted the Constitution, Judiciary policy and Competition Bye Laws. I regularly determine interpretation disputes about how the Judiciary policy and Competition Bye-Laws are applied. I have also conducted numerous Board investigations under the Judiciary policy. As a Board Member, I have conducted about 6 major investigations and a few smaller ones. I am also a member of the Judiciary and act as Chair when Andrew Ryan is away. I also referee when needed.

I was previously President of the Essendon Water Polo Club when the club grew from 2-3 teams to 10-12 teams. In Essendon, I have been a coach and team manager as well as playing regularly. I previously played for Monash and Melbourne Collegians in the late 1990s and early 2000s before joining Essendon.

I am a lawyer by profession, currently working at the Department of Justice and previously worked at various law firms for over 15 years. I specialise in government law including working in a few Royal Commissions and Inquiries as well as delivering sensitive, high profile advice to Ministers and government. Professionally, I have also volunteered at Refugee Legal, the Homeless Person's Legal Clinic, the Koonung Mental Health Legal Clinic and various pro-bono training workshops in PNG, Cook Islands and Fiji.


Finance Director - Daniel Arber

Dan is an experienced strategy consultant and finance professional. As a management consultant, he has advised numerous Boards, C-suite executives and Ministers in Australia and the US. He currently works for EnergyAustralia where he is a finance business partner for the Gas and Green trading desks.
He started water polo relatively late in life, and loves the fitness and intensity it requires and generates. 


Director - Michael McNeil


Director - Steve Mulligan

For the past 50 years of has been actively involved in water polo. Whilst at Secondary School with a group of fellow swimming and surf club members of a regional New Zealand City, reformed the defunct local water polo club.

This involvement has included not only playing, but also as a referee, coach and administrator. Worked with a number of local clubs in the South-Eastern suburbs to re-establish water polo in the Dandenong area. This involvement was interrupted by family and work commitments before returning to play at a more social level.

Over that same period of time, he has been actively involved and worked in the pre-hospital medical emergency response arena, as a lifeguard, Ambulance Officer, MICA Paramedic, and Clinical Instructor. Whilst in working with Ambulance Victoria he was activity involved with developing the roles of Clinician and Duty Team Manager in the Communications Centre. And with fellow MICA Paramedic Team Managers to establish the first Single MICA Paramedic Responders in Melbourne.

For the past 19 years he has been the Principal Facilitator of a training organisation accredited to provide both basic and advanced life support training programs to General Practice. Is a seasonal lecturer with Monash University involved with the training of MFB & CFA Emergency Medical First-Responders.

He has a keen interest in ensuring we have a safe environment in which to we all can play water polo on a regular basis in Victoria be that in a social or competitive format.

This includes providing pathways for players wanting to play at the highest possible level, for the development of our Referees and Club Coaches. Making sure that the Volunteers running our clubs have to right support processes that encourages their long term involvement in our game.


Director - Perri Randall

I have been an NYP Dragons club member for 17 years and now play in the SL2 Women’s team. I currently coach sub-junior teams and our Women’s SL3 team, however, my experiences during this time also include refereeing, junior trip planning, team managing and coaching for WPV and being a club board member with a focus on junior development and fundraising.

Away from the pool, I am a primary school teacher and I love working with children on a daily basis. I share my love of water polo with my students at every opportunity. I have represented Australia at the World Championships for Artistic Roller Skating and understand the hard work and determination that it takes to compete at an international level.

I’m confident that these experiences give me a well-rounded view of our sport. I look forward to being a valuable contributor on the board of WPV.


Director - Alexandra Steere


Director - Chris Stoupas

Chris has played Water Polo as a junior and senior player at club, state and national league levels over a 15 year period, he has extensive understanding and knowledge of the game.
He appreciates the importance of teamwork and cohesiveness in working towards common goals.
Chris’s enthusiasm for the sport has been rekindled with a second generation of Stoupas’ playing the game, he now spends his spare time coaching numerous junior teams.
Chris wants to ensure the next generation have a pathway to the elite levels whilst not losing focus on the social aspect, ensuring the sport remains fun and enjoyable along with being accessible to the broader community.
Chris is determined to ensure that Water Polo Victoria finds its way!