Referee Development

Effective August 2010, WPV is proud to introduce a new structure for Referee Development in Victoria, the goal of which is to provide all Referees and potential Referees opportunities to fully develop their skills and get the most of the great range of options available.

The steps we have taken to do this include the creation of a Referees Commission, and the provision of new tools and resources to allow better training and assessment of all Referees whatever their experience and skill levels.

Referees Commission

WPV are proud to introduce the following members of our community to the position of Referee Commissioner:

Daniel Flahive, Michael DeFina, John Mason & Alby Morrison

These Commissioners are responsible for:

  1. defining the grades expected of Referees in WPV competitions
  2. Determing the grade of each WPV Referee
  3. Assisting Referees to achieve promotion to higher grades 
  4. Determing Referees from Victoria who are eligible for National Water Polo League opportunities and
  5. Providing consultation and mentoring to Referees, Players, Coaches & Administrators on matters of Refereeing for Water Polo.

WPV Referee responsibilities

The Referees Commissioners and and the WPV Board have an expectation that each Referee is assessed and graded once per season. Referees wishing to achieve promotion can request an assessment session - including the feedback - so that they can seek to develop their skills to a higher standard. Additionally, Referees wishing to query their allocated grading can seek re-assessment. Re-assessment can be done by two Referee Commissioners to give a final, considered grade.

As Referee Commissioners are paid for each assessment, at this point WPV will provide one paid assessment per Referee per WPV season. Additional assessments will need to paid for by the Referee requesting it, so that WPV can then reimburse the Assessing Referee Commissioner.

Referee Logbook (self assessment tool)

The Referee Commissioners strongly recommend Referees use a self-assessment tool that can be kept as a logbook of experience. The logbook is in the same format as the Assessment form that the Referee Commissioners will use to evaluate each Referee. Use of the logbook (as a self-assessment) in combination with a Referee Commissioners formal assessment - is an opportunity to grow and develop continuously. The attached pdf titled "WPV Referees Logbook template" is the form to use. Referees can download the form, use it and store it, and then provide it to Referee Commissioners when undergoing a formal assessment.

Tools and Resources

The Referees Commission and WPV have created several tools to assist in the introduction of this new development pathway. The tools are attached in pdf below and include (1) the Grading structure we now have in place and the pathway Referees can follow and the expectations of skill required at each stage of development ("Referee Development Pathway"), a Referee logbook (as mentioned above) and formal Assessment tools including one for all WPV Competitions called "WPV Evaluation Sheet A - WPV Competitions" and one for those seeking involvement at NWPL levels or higher called "WPV Evaluation Sheet B - NWPL onwards" 

If you have further questions, please feel free to contact any of the Referee Commissioners, or the WPV Executive Officer on (03) 8560 2140