2nd Claim Application

There are a number of scenarios where a 2nd Claim/Permit can be sought typically for athletes who are registered with one Club but, in specific circumstances, wish to play for another club.

The one example is where an athlete is registered with a regionally-based club but also wishes to play in Metropolitan competitions. In this instance, a 2nd Claim can be submitted and requires "sign off" from both clubs.

Another example is for the development of junior players where a club might not have teams playing in a high grade of competition and therefore cannot provide a pathway for that athlete.  The junior athlete can apply for a Special Permit to play with a 2nd club while still also playing with their own club.

The 2nd Claim/Special Permit application is an online process initiated by the "new" club - contact your "new" club to set the 2nd Claim/Special Permit in progress.
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A 2nd Claim/Special Permit fee (if required) will be invoiced by WPV

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For further information and assistance, contact either your club or WPV's Executive Officer or Membership Registrar on (03) 8560 2140 or info@vicwaterpolo.com.au