Special Permit Application

There are two different instances where a Special Permit can be sought.

Special Permit - WPV Competitions
Special Permits are primarily for the development of junior players where a club might not have teams playing in a high grade of competition and therefore cannot provide a pathway for that athlete.  The junior athlete can apply for a Special Permit to play with a 2nd club while still also playing with their own club.

Special Permits for WPV competitions are applied in two ways:

  1. Junior players who wish to compete in Senior competitions will be granted an automatic Special Permit to compete in that Senior competiton allowing them to compete in both grades in the same round
  2. Players who are registered with Clubs that only have teams in Division 2 of WPV competitions may apply to the Competiton Director for a Special Permit.  In this instance and if approved, the permit will allow that player to compete in both a Division 2 and a Division 1 team in the same round.  

The Special Permit application is an online process and is initiated by the "new" club - contact your "new" club to set the 2nd Claim/Special Permit in progress.

For further information, contact the WPV Competitions Officer.

Special Permit - National Junior Club Championships
This permit applies only to athletes wishing to compete in the National Junior Club Championships. These championships are organised by Water Polo Australia (WPAL) where Victorian clubs are invited to enter teams in these championships.

The Special Permit allows athletes to compete in the National Club Championships, even if their club is unable to field a team. The Special Permit allows the athlete to compete with a second club - but only for the purposes of the National Junior Club Championships. Permission from both clubs, along with the Executive Officer of WPV, is required for the athlete to be allowed to play.

Click on the link below for step-by-step instructions

For further information, contact the WPV Executive Officer or the Competitions Officer on (03) 8560 2140 or info@vicwaterpolo.com.au