To enter teams in the 2017 Water Polo Victoria 17/Under and 14/U Championships in December 2017, clubs should use the following link for registration and payment (via credit card) 

click here for team enty



Player/Member Registration with Water Polo Victoria (WPV) is an online process comprising REGISTRATION and PAYMENT using a credit card

Registration is now OPEN for 2017/18 

For Returning Members

Returning members will be sent a SportsTG-generated Registration Renewal email at the start of each financial year with an embedded link giving direct access to the current Registration Form
Members should use this link to re-register and pay online

If this email not received...

  • firstly check it hasn't gone to your JUNK folder
  • or....have you changed your email address?  if yes contact your Club Registrar

Alternatively returning members can use one of the links below to retrieve their username-password by entering their registered email address - but not if it's changed

Once retrieved, enter the username-password to obtain direct access to the current Registration Form
Previously entered personal details will be displayed and can be updated where required before making payment

If you've you changed your email address, contact your Club Registrar 

For New Members 

New members should use one of the following links to register and pay:

    • Metro clubs                                     click here
    • Melb Collegians only                      click here       
    • Country Clubs                                click here
    • FlippaBall                                        click here
    • Come-n-Try                                     click here

Contact WPV's office on 8560 2142 for further information

New or renewal registrations require personal information details be supplied or updated and relevant WPV membership "products" be purchased. Some WPV affiliated clubs also require club fees be purchased as part of the registration process. Selected "products" can then be paid for - credit card only - with just one payment, payment funds are dispersed to Water Polo Australia, Water Polo Victoria and to your selected club.  Multiple persons can be registered and paid for with just the one payment.

To become a member you need to:

1. Contact your chosen club to confirm the registration process
Details of all Clubs and their contacts can be found in this section of this website

2. Go to the WPV Registration Form page (see above) 
Renewing members should login using their assigned username and password
New members should select the
"I am registering to this club for the first time" option

3. Enter/update the required registration details - tick confirm when done

4. Proceed with payment of the purchased WPV and any club "products"
Credit card only

Registration with WPV is mandatory as it ensures that all participants are covered by Sports Injury Insurance and that members acknowledge the various policies required by both Water Polo Victoria and Water Polo Australia.

If you have any queries about registration, you should first contact your Club Registrar who, if required, will contact WPV's Membership Registrar.