Referee Documents

2017 FIBA Unsportsmanlike Foul Presentation


2017 FIBA Travelling Rule Presentation

Powerpoint presentation for updated travelling rulesmore

FIBA Official Rules - Equipment - 2017


FIBA Official Rules - Interpretations - 2018

Updated Feb 1st 2018more

FIBA Official Rules 2017


Harbour Referee's Code of Conduct

Harbour Referee's Code of Conductmore

Duties of a Referee

Duties of a Refereemore

Official Basketball Rules 2014

Official Basketball Rules 2014more

FIBA New Rules for 2014

FIBA New Rules for 2014more

FIBA New Rules Summary 2014

FIBA New Rules Summary 2014more

Simplified New Rules for 2014

Simplified New Rules for 2014more

FIBA Official Interpretations 2014

FIBA Official Interpretations 2014more

FIBA Official Interpretations

FIBA Official Interpretationsmore

Referees' Manual - Three Person Officiating

Official Basketball Rules 2008 - Referees' Manual - Three Person Officiatingmore

Referees' Manual - Two Person Officiating

Official Basketball Rules 2010 - Referees' Manual - Two Person Officiatingmore
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