Womens Premier

Year Team
2017 Kiwispan 99ers
2016 Hammerheads
2015 Hammerheads
2014 NPGHS Hawks
2013 Todd Energy 99ers Pink
2012 NPGHS Hawks
2011 AWE Rockets
2010 NPGHS Hawks
2009 AWE Taranaki
2008 Aces Oilers
2007 NPGHS Senior A
2006 NPGHS Senior A
2005 Sacred Heart Girls College Rangers
2004 Sacred Heart Girls College
2003 NPGHS Senior A
2003 NPGHS Senior A
2002 Magicians
2001 Oilers
2000 Oilers
1999 Fleming Aces

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Mens Premier

I'm sorry, but I can't find any Ladder for this Competition yet.
If you believe the Ladder should be here then we suggest you contact your Association by using the link below.