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Hi all

BBNZ is developing a strategic plan that will help guide us as an organisation over the next few years (Sport NZ have helped us by providing a budget for this). 

This will not create something different from the All of Basketball Plan – it is a plan for us, the organisation (BBNZ) and how we go about the business of achieving the All of Basketball Plan, how we deliver on priorities, what we strive to be as an organisation.  It is important that key stakeholders have an opportunity to offer thoughts as part of the information gathering stage of the process and of course Associations are key stakeholders.

O’Connor Sinclair are the agency we have selected to work with us on the strategic plan and they have developed a very short and simple survey that will help them understand some of your views.  Please take 5 minutes to complete the survey at the link below.  It is confidential, no-one at BBNZ will have access to any individual responses. 

The survey can be reached via the link: 

The survey will be available to complete until Wednesday 3 September – but don’t wait – do it now.


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