Naki Money and FDOB 99ers Gain Promotion in Senior League

With the conclusion of the first round of games, the League Committee has taken the opportunity to review how teams have been going. They've made the decision to regrade a couple of teams. Naki Money, playing in the A Grade, has been promoted to the Men's Premier Reserve Grade. The Ballers, effectively an U17 Development team, struggled in the Mens Premier Reserve Grade and replace Naki Money in the A Grade.

Further tuning went on in the Mens A and B Grade with FDOB 99ers being promoted to the A Grade and Cheapskates moving down to replace them. All three grades, Mens Premier Reserve, A and B Grade will now have at least two full rounds before the finals playoff series. Competition points have been reset to zero and start again for the competition games played during the week beginning 17 May. All teams will have an opportunity to claim one of the top four places on offer for the finals playoff series. Look at the Tables page under Draws and Results to see how your favourite team is doing.

Arizona, playing in the Mens B Grade, took the opportunity to change their names to line up with the uniforms they've been wearing this season. They'll now be known as The Dynamos.

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