CBL Zone 1 2009

For the first time in many years BWC have entered a mens team in the CBL.  The CBL is a division 2 Mens competition for all basketball players that are not in the NBL.  It is the future of Mens basketball and the pathway for our mens players to excel and reach there dreams of becoming a professional basketball player.

BBNZ are not hosting it this year so we are very fortunate that North Harbour have taken the CBL tournament on board.  This years competition will predominantly be run in the North Harbour area and will be a zone 1 competition.

There are 7 teams in this years competition:

1.  AUT,    2.  Auckland Rivets,  3.  Harbour Reserves,  4.  Northside,  5.  Unitec/Waitakere,  6. Breakers and 7. Massey

To view all the results and the full draw from the competition please go to the official CBL- Zone 1 website by clicking on the link below


Results from Round 1 (1st August 2009)

BREAKERS ACADEMY 80 Tom Rowe 15, Brad Anderson 12, Tome Rowe 10 beat WEST AUCKLAND 64 CJ Robinson 15, Jordan Poclington 9

HARBOUR HEAT RESERVES 89 Hayden Allen 24, Dan Ryan 16, Zac Fitsgerald 14, Karl Noyer 12 beat NORTHSIDE 81 Calab Johns 29, Cameron Stewart 17

AUCKLAND RIVETS 80 Duncan Smith 19,  Mike Townsend/Brent Raven 16 , Brett Wadsworth 12 Linden Simmons beat UNITEC WAITAKERE 60 Niasi Malua/ Steven Robertson 12

Results from Round 2 (8th August 2009)

BREAKERS ACADEMY 90  Brad Anderson 23, Sam King 17, David Ovens  14 beat NORTHSIDE 78  Calab Johns 17,
Jonathan Loe 16, Cameron Stuart 15

HARBOUR HEAT RESERVES 74  Hayden Allen 21, Karl Noyer 18 Dan Ryan 10 beat AUCKLAND RIVETS
  Mike Townsend 26, Duncan Smith 14

AUT  96 Zac M./Joshua Tuaiti 15, Housten O’Riley 14 beat UNITEC WAITAKERE 75 Adam McCready 19

Results from Round 3 (15th August 2009)

NORTHSIDE 69 Warrick Siddall 16, Todd Wackrow 12, Calab Johns 10
Jordan Pocklington 20,

AUCKLAND RIVETS 74 Mike Townsend 19, Duncan Smith 18, Brett Wadsworth14
King 32,Brad Anderson 17

AUT 102 Jarrod Kenny 36, Housten O’Riley 25, Morgan Lyndon 14
beat HARBOUR HEAT RESERVES 81 Reece Breadsall 17, Dan Ryan 16, Daryl Cartwright 14

Results from Round 4 (22nd August 2009)

AUT 95
Housten O’Riley 26 beat BREAKERS ACADEMY 80 Brad Anderson 24

beat UNITEC WAITAKERE 59 Steven Robertson 20

AUCKLAND RIVETS 85 Chris Daniels 25 beat WEST AUCKLAND 49 Kevin Smith 11

Results from Round 5 (23rd August 2009)

BREAKERS ACADEMY 75 Marco Alexander 21
beat AUCKLAND RIVETS 72 Duncan Smith 22

beat AUT 66 Joshua Tuaiti 20

WEST AUCKLAND 87 Kevin Smith 26
beat NORTHSIDE 85 Todd Wackrow 25

Results from Round 6 (29th August 2009)


AUT 92 Housten O’Riley 27 beat NORTHSIDE 73 Warrick Siddall 18

WEST AUCKLAND 72 Kevin Smith 28 beat UNITEC WAITAKERE 69 Niasi Malua 18

Results from Round 7 (5th September 2009)

WEST AUCKLAND 102 Kevin Smith 38 beat BREAKERS ACADEMY 85 Sam King 21

HARBOUR HEAT RESERVES 91 Dan Ryan 26 beat NORTHSIDE 86 Warrick Siddall 27

AUCKLAND RIVETS 68 Duncan Smith 24 beat UNITEC WAITAKERE 60 Sefo Leusogiape 15

Results from Round 8 (12th September 2009)

AUT 102 Josh Tuaiti 24 beat WEST AUCKLAND 96 Matt Yukich 34

AUCKLAND RIVETS 89 Duncan Smith 23 beat NORTHSIDE 71 Warrick Siddall 20

BREAKERS ACADEMY 95 Brad Anderson 26 beat UNITEC WAITAKERE 76 Steven Robertson 19

Results from Round 9 (10th September 2009 & 19th September)

HARBOUR HEAT RESERVES 74 Michael Dawson 20 beat BREAKERS ACADEMY 71 Brad Anderson 18

BREAKERS ACADEMY 78 Marco Alexander 17 beat UNITEC WAITAKERE 69 Steven Robertson 19

NORTHSIDE 78 Warrick Siddall 20 beat AUCKLAND RIVETS 60 Duncan Smith 19

AUT 70 Housten O’Riley 22 beat WEST AUCKLAND 96 Matt Yukich 16

Results from Round 10 (20th September 2009)

BREAKERS ACADEMY 76 Marco Alexander 18 beat NORTHSIDE 66 Warrick Siddall 15

AUT 72 Housten O’Riley 18 beat UNITEC WAITAKERE 51 Steven Robertson 12

Results from Round 11 (26th September 2009)

AUT 87 Housten O’Riley 20 beat BREAKERS ACADEMY 67 Brad Anderson 18

HARBOUR HEAT RESERVES 111 Karl Noyer 42 beat UNITEC WAITAKERE 75 Matt Forsyth 19

WEST AUCKLAND 73 Matt Yukich 19 beat AUCKLAND RIVETS 65 Mike Townsend 16

Results from Round 12 (3rd October 2009)

HARBOUR HEAT RESERVES 108 Hayden Allen 20 beat WEST AUCKLAND 75 Matt Yukich 36

NORTHSIDE 67 Campbell Ross 19 beat UNITEC WAITAKERE 63 Sefo Leusogiape 23

Results from Round 13 (10th October 2009)

HARBOUR HEAT RESERVES 99 Hayden Allen & Michael Dawson 21 beat WEST AUCKLAND 72 Nigel Mahakitau 18

NORTHSIDE 89 Warrick Siddall 19 beat UNITEC WAITAKERE 72 Adam McCready 18

AUT 89 Josh Tuaiti 28 beat AUCKLAND RIVETS 76 Nikola Lakatus 26

Results from Round 14 (17th October 2009)

HARBOUR HEAT RESERVES 103 Hayden Allen & Ben Fraser 16 beat AUCKLAND RIVETS 65 Hayden Blackford 24

WEST AUCKLAND 76 Matt Yukich 16 beat UNITEC WAITAKERE 71 Niasi Malua 22

AUT 112 Jarrod Kenny 29 beat NORTHSIDE 111 Caleb Johns 26

BWC/Unitec Game Reviews:

1st August 2009- Game 1

BWC/Unitec vs Auckland Rivets

(Lost 60-80. Auckland Rivets- D.Smith 19, BWC/Unitec- N.Malua 12, S. Robertson 12)

In the first game of the tournament our BWC/Unitec team lost 80-60 to Auckland Rivets. For there first game together as a team it was a great learning experience. After a disastrous first half down 49-26 our boys managed to put in two solid quarters winning the 4th quarter 21-12. Our team will be looking to continue this momentum into game 2 which is on
Saturday the 8/8/09 vs AUT from 5pm at the Breakers Training venue (7 Atlas place).

Man of the Match - Niasi Malua

Next Opponents - AUT (8th August, 5pm @ Breakers venue - 7 Atlas place)

8th August 2009- Game 2

BWC/Unitec vs AUT

(Lost 75-96. AUT- J.Tuaiti 15, BWC/Unitec- A.McCready 19)

It was a huge step from the first game when BWC/Unitec met AUT for there second game in the CBL.  AUT won convincingly 96-75 after a dominate first quarter in which they posted 33 points to BWC/Unitecs ten (First 1/4= 33-10).  The large deficit was mainly due to the zone defence that AUT used which completely stunned the BWC/Unitec team. After the dismal first quarter our boys managed to comeback winning the second and fourth quarter with strong performances by Philip Turner on rebounds
and Adam McCready who started to catch fire.  In the end the AUT team was too strong and extinguished any flames lingishing from the fightback.  Once again our team lost from a bad start but came back strongly.

The team has a bye next week and will be training hard and looking to start strong against there next opponents on
Saturday the 22/8/09 vs Harbour Reserve from 3pm at the Breakers Training venue (7 Atlas place).

Man of the Match - Adam McCready

Next Opponents - Harbour Heat Reserves (22nd August, 3pm @ Breakers venue - 7 Atlas place)

22nd August 2009- Game 3

BWC/Unitec vs Harbour Heat Reserves

(Lost 59-78. Harbour Heat Reserves- D.Ryan 30, BWC/Unitec- S.Robertson 20)

Our team got off to a great start in Game 3 of the CBL vs Harbour Heat. The scores were 15-19 after the first quarter and if there wasn't a few lucky breaks for the Harbour Heat Reserves team our BWC/Unitec team could have had a slender lead.  As they game went on our team struggled with their shooting percentages and missed alot of easy buckets.  Our boys eventually lost 59-78 to a Harbour Heat team that is one of the top two teams in the CBL.  Still a great effort to get within 20 points and no means a blow out scoreline as our boys made Harbour earn their win.

A solid man of the match performance by Steven Robertson who top scored with 20 points.

Man of the Match - Steven Robertson

Next Opponents - West Auckland (29th August, 5pm @ Breakers venue - 7 Atlas place)

29th August 2009- Game 4

BWC/Unitec vs West Auckland

(Lost 69-72. West Auckland- K.Smith 28, BWC/Unitec- N.Malua 18)

It was a battle of the west as BWC/Unitec faced West Auckland in a tightly fought contest. After a few simple mistakes and some excellent shooting from West Auckland our boys ended up trailing by 10 points going into the 2nd quarter (end of 1st 1/4= 17-27).  We won the second quarter and got the gap down to 5 points and tied the third quarter. Our boys managed to tie the game up at 62-62 with 3 mins remaining in the 4th quarter. With 6 seconds to go the scores were 69-72 and we called a timeout.  Unfortunately Steven Robertson was unable to make the 3 pointer to tie the game which resulted in us losing by 3 points.

Our teams three throw percentage was ordinary and was one of the many factors that cost them the game.  What kept our team in the game was there amazing defence. The team was very disapointed afterwards because they know that they could of won that game.  But with ten more rounds to go and the way the team is improving i am sure there first win is just around the corner.  Hopefully it will be this Saturday when they meet Auckland Rivets in game 2 of there series. 

One of the shining stars in the game and a deservant winner of man of the match was Kristoff Fahrensohn who got 14 points and defended extremely well throughout the game.

Man of the Match - Kristoff Fahrensohn

Next Opponents - Auckland Rivets (5th September, 3pm @ Breakers venue - 7 Atlas place)

5th September 2009- Game 5

BWC/Unitec vs Auckland Rivets

(Lost 60-68. Auckland Rivets- D.Smith 24, BWC/Unitec- S.Leusogiape 15)

BWC/Unitec faced Auckland Rivets and nearly caused the upset of the tournament. Our team ended up losing narrowly by 8 points to the second placed Auckland Rivets team (60-68).  With a minute remaining in the 4th quarter our team managed to get the scores to 60-61. Once again it was a few simple mistakes near the end of the game which cost us the game. Overall our team has improved so much over the last few games and hopefully will win one out of two of their next games when they play the Breakers Academy team back to back.

Man of the Match - Jessie Tapaleao

Next Opponents - Breakers Academy (12th September,5pm @ Breakers venue - 7 Atlas place)

12th September 2009- Game 6

BWC/Unitec vs Breakers Academy

(Lost 76-95. Breakers Academy- B.Anderson 26, BWC/Unitec- S.Robertson 19)

Breakers Academy defeated our BWC/Unitec team 95-76 in the weekend. Our team were neck and neck with the Breakers in the first quarter. The game was lost when our team got into foul trouble near the end of the second quarter resulting in a scoring spree to the Breakers Academy.  In the third and fourth quarter the margin couldn't be closed. 

A solid performance by captain Steven Robertson. Game 2 vs the Breakers is this Saturday and on Sunday our team has a game vs AUT.

Man of the Match - Steven Robertson

Next Opponents - Breakers Academy (19th September,1pm @ Breakers venue - 7 Atlas place)

19th September 2009- Game 7

BWC/Unitec vs Breakers Academy

(Lost 69-78. Breakers Academy- M.Alexander 17, BWC/Unitec- S.Robertson 19)

It was a better performance by our CBL team over the weekend after narrowly losing to the Breakers Academy 69-78 on Saturday and losing to AUT 51-72 on Sunday.  Both games our team had the chance to push on and

Versus the Breakers Academy it was 19-all after the first quarter, 30-36 at half time, 42-62 after a shocking third quarter and 69-78
after a fantastic last quarter.  The final quarter showed glimpses of what our team can do as there is no doubt that they can match it with any team if they play as a team.  It was another strong performance by Steven Robertson but man of the match goes to Corey Nock who played exceptionally well when he was on the court.

Man of the Match - Corey Nock

Next Opponents - AUT (20th September,12pm @ Breakers venue - 7 Atlas place)

20th September 2009- Game 8

BWC/Unitec vs AUT

(Lost 51-72. AUT - H.O'Riley 18, BWC/Unitec- S.Robertson 12)

It was a better performance by our CBL team over the weekend after narrowly losing to the Breakers Academy 69-78 on Saturday and losing to AUT 51-72 on Sunday.  Both games our team had the chance to push on and win. 

In Sunday's game versus AUT the team had a good 3rd quarter winning it 17-13 but lost all the other quarters.  It was not a
good fourth quarter as AUT won it 29-13. Steven Robertson top scored with 12 points and has bragging rights as he has been the top scorer for the last three games.

Man of the Match - Steven Robertson

Next Opponents - Harbour Heat Reserves (26th September, 5:30pm @ Breakers venue - 7 Atlas place)

26th September 2009- Game 9

BWC/Unitec vs Harbour Heat Reserves

(Lost 75-111. Harbour Heat Reserves- K.Noyer 42, BWC/Unitec- M.Forsyth 19)

Another disapointing result for our CBL team losing to Harbour Heat Reserves 75-111 on Saturday.  It was the worst loss of the season to date.

Matt Forsyth put in a solid performance top scoring with 19 points.  All is not lost for our CBL team with semi final and final rounds coming up.  A chance for our team to sneak up the rankings and put the disapointing performances behind them.

Man of the Match - Matt Forsyth

Next Opponents - Northside (3rd October, 3pm @ Breakers venue - 7 Atlas place)

3rd October 2009- Game 10

BWC/Unitec vs Northside

(Lost 63-67. Northside- C.Ross 19, BWC/Unitec- S.Leusogiape 23)

Our CBL team lost narrowly to Northside 63-67 on Saturday but put in a much improved performance from previous games.  It was the best result to date and next week they meet Northside again and will look to cap off the season with their first win.

Sefo Leusogiape top scored with 23 points hitting 6 three pointers. To be fair he put up a staggering 17 three pointers which may have cost some easy 2 point baskets.  The team overall had 24 attempts and landed 8 three pointers.  But it is good to see the boys shooting and not being afraid to go for the three pointer.  Hopefully next time a couple more will go in.

Man of the Match - Matt Forsyth

Next Opponents - Northside (10th October, 4pm @ Breakers venue - 7 Atlas place)

10th October 2009- Game 11

BWC/ Unitec vs Northside

(Lost 72-89. Northside- Warrick Siddall 19, BWC/Unitec- A.McCready 18)

Only 7 people turned up to witness our 11th lost in the CBL competition (not including coaches or spectators).  The 7 that turned up played many minutes and fought hard in a 17 point margin lost to Northside on Saturday. It was a disapointing turn out which was reflected by the result.

The final game of the Season is vs West Auckland next week.  Lets hope our team can finish with a bang and their first win.

Full credit to the boys that have turned up each week and worked hard each week.  One of these hard working players is Adam McCready who topped scored with 18 points.

Man of the Match - Adam McCready

Next Opponents - West Auckland (17th October, 3:30pm @ Breakers venue - 7 Atlas place)

17th October 2009- Game 12

BWC/ Unitec vs West Auckland

(Lost 71-76. West Auckland- Matt Yukich 16, BWC/Unitec- N.Malua 22)

It was a consistent end to the season with our BWC/Unitec team losing their final game of the season by 5 points to

West Auckland (71-76). It was yet another close loss after a convincing first half lead which was wiped out in a disapointing 3rd quarter.  The team spirit has been fantastic all season and our team have worked very hard during the season. 

The boys definitely deserved a win along the way but will definitely be better for the losses in the future. 

They are a young team and have learnt alot this season.  A huge thank you to the older group of players for turning up each week and giving back to the younger players coming through.  There was a core 5 that turned up each week (Corey Nock, Matt Forsyth, Steven Robertson, Lionel Fuaivaa & Adam McCready) and really played there hearts out for the team no matter what the result.  It was this persistence and dedication shown that really stood out and hopefully taught the younger players a thing or two about never giving up on the team.  As a supporter that is why it was sad the team couldn't muster a win because they really deserved it.

Thank you to Ollie Bryce and Nicky Fuaivaa who did a great job as coach and manager.

Overall our team did not get thrashed by any opposition team and competed very well in every game.  For our first year back in the CBL it was a fantastic effort which all the players will be better for in the future.  Bring on 2010!!!

Man of the Match - Niasi Malua

Please go to the CBL zone 1 website link below for all updated statistics/results and ladder.


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