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Miranda blazes through to January Budweiser King title, Dela Cruz secures Prince

Monday 01st, January 1900

The high scoring January finals of the Budweiser King of the Lanes was contested by top seed Joey Miranda III and second seed Duane Camacho who opened the match with a turkey giving him a 22 pin advantage after four frames and looked to close out the match.  Miranda then found his striking range and closed the gap to nine pins after six frames as Camacho spared a seven count leave on the seventh frame.  Miranda took a one pin lead after seven frames and completed the match with seven strikes in a row but left the door open for Camacho to tie the match and send it to extra frame with a nine count in the extra frame.  With Camacho working on a double on the eighth and ninth frames, a pocket ten pin stood in his way on the tenth frame that handed the title to Miranda 255-234.  With the victory Miranda joins Camacho, the defending grand champion in the year end finals.

Both Miranda and Camacho used late rallies in the semi-final round before their finals encounter as the top seed overcame another early struggle against 10th seed Keith Guerrero.  Guerrero jumped all over missed splits by the top seed early in the game to take a 36 pin lead after four frames.  A 4-8 split and a pin four mishap on back to back frames, coupled with the top seed’s turkey allowed Miranda to jump back into the game.  With Guerrero holding on to a four pin lead and a strike on the foundation frame, all he needed to shut out the top seed was a strike.  With the game on hand, Guerrero’s ball sailed right leaving a 2-8-10 split that allowed Miranda to sneak into the finals with a pin ten spare 190-183.  In the other semi-final match up, Camacho nursed an early lead over 4th seed Greg Borja in the early frames, but dug himself a hole with a split in the fourth frame and a missed spare in the fifth as Borja rushed to a 31 pin lead through five frames on a turkey from the fourth to sixth frames.  Camacho countered with a turkey of his own from frames six to eight to lessen the gap to two pins after Borja missed a split leave on the seventh frame. On the ninth frame, Camacho’s shot left a 5-10 split from a light pocket that all but handed the match to Borja.  With the same scenario as Guerrero, Borja’s pocket shot in the tenth frame left a 8-10 split which allowed the second seed an opportunity to steal the match.  Trailing by 14 pins going into the final stanza, the international prowess and experience of Camacho kicked in as he methodologically knocked down strikes on each shot of the frame, taking the match 211-202.

Miranda took the early lead in the King Division and never looked back during the qualifier, finishing the six game series with a 1418 total, 236 average, bowling games of 248, 265, 244, 191, 288 and 182.  Camacho was 59 pins adrift as his total of 1359 included games of 200, 215, 225, 240, 245 and 234.  Coming off a successful World Bowling Tour debut, Jay Leon Guerrero finished in third place with a 1335 set followed by Greg Borja 1328, Albert Dela Cruz 1265, John Leon Guerrero 1250, Victor San Nicolas 1243, Rudy Palaganas 1234, Ricky Duenas 1228 and Keith Guerrero’s 1215 rounded off the top ten.

In the Budweiser Prince of the Lanes division, top seed Matthew Cruz and Colleen Dela Cruz complimented each other’s shot as the lead swung back and forth through four frames until Cruz doubled on the fifth to take the lead by 16 pins as Dela Cruz missed an eight split.  However, tides shifted in the second half of the game as Cruz was unable to shake off a missed split of his own in the sixth along that spelled his demise which handed the title to the steady handed south paw and second seed  Dela Cruz 176+22 to 143+20.

In the semi-final round, Cruz depleated fifth seed Paul Kaneshiro’s opportunity trouncing the lower seed 222+20 to 157+26 while Dela Cruz crushed Rick Ada Jr’s hopes of making his first finals appearance 189+22 to 129+20.

Matthew Cruz took top honors in the qualifying round with a 1398 total on 120 pins of handicap along with a 278 third game.  Coleen Dela Cruz landed the second pot with a 1323 total including 132 handicap pins followed by Amber San Nicolas 1260 (162), Nikko Gutierrez 1253 (162), Paul Kaneshiro 1233 (156), Shaun Avellana 1224 (174), Nick Gutierrez 1218 (78), Rick Ada Jr. 1205 (120), Maddison Willis 1176 (108) and Zayne Zamora 1153 (144) rounds off the top ten who proceeded to the elimination round.

The next Budweiser King and Prince of the Lanes will be held on Sunday, February 24, 2013, 11:00 a.m. at the Central Lanes Bowling Center.

Email Contact: Sunday, January 20, 2013 – CENTRAL LANES BOWLING CENTER, Tamuning, Guam