Shuttle Time is an innovative self-study training programme. A range of training resources have been developed to help teachers and coaches learn the 'how-to' teach badminton to children and youth.

Training can be accessed from accredited Badminton Association (click Find an Association to get in touch with your local Badminton Association), or through registering for the Lesson Plans online (click Shuttle Time Lesson Plans) and using the material for self-study.

Resources available through completion of training include, activity videos, activity cards, lesson plans, Shuttle Time badge assessment criteria, unit plan and promotional badminton videos.

The Shuttle Time Programme

The Shuttle Time programme itself is split into three progressive levels.

Suitable for beginners and younger players.  This level focuses on having fun and fundamental racket and activity skills.
Recommended Age - Primary School/ Intermediate
Badge: Merit Shuttle Time Badge & Bronze Shuttle Time Badge
To sign up for the Bronze Lesson Plan
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Suitable for players wanting to learn technical skills of the game.  This is designed for players who have already developed some fundamental movement and coordination skills.
Recommended Age - Intermediate/ Secondary School
Badge: Silver Shuttle Time Badge
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Suitable for players ready to learn and advance their tactical badminton skills.  This is designed for players that have a good grasp of the technical requirements of playing badminton and who are looking to develop a competitive advantage. Additional to the material, there is also resources for more advanced technical shots.
Recommended Age - Secondary School
Badge: Gold Shuttle Time Badge
To sign up for the Gold+ Lesson Plan
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Sharpen Up! Shuttle Time
Is suitable for social or casual clubs, both in schools and the community.  It has six hour long lessons designed to give participants a quick taste of some of the basic technical and tactical aspects of badminton.
Recommended Age - Young Adults & Adults
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Shuttle Time Badges

There are four Shuttle Time badges available for players to participate in.  Each assessment is to be held by a teacher or coach, and can be sat by any child, at any time, regardless to whether or not they have participated in the Shuttle Time programme. Badges available are;

Designed for younger players who may not have yet grasped racket skills.
Recommended Age: 4-7 years old

Merit Badge Programme Click Here
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Designed for beginning players who have developed some racket skills, but have not yet developed technical shots.
Recommended Age: 7-10
Bronze Badge Programme
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Designed for players who are able to play basic shots and can control what area of the court the shuttle lands
Recommended Age: 10-13
Silver Badge Programme
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Designed for players who can play basic shots with a reasonable application of accuracy, and can demonstrate tactical choices in a game to achieve a competitive advantage.
Recommended Age: 13+
Gold Badge Programme
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September 2017

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Friday evening Pickleball - 29th September.  

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