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Next PickleBall evening Friday 29th September

PickleBall Friday 27th October, 6.30pm to 8.30pm.

Badminton Wellington membership

Become a Badminton Wellington Member or re-new your membership for $80.00
This will ensure you get the cheapest court rates plus other benefits

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Southern and Te Arawa Winter club nights are on

Southern club (Wednesday evenings) and Te Arawa club (Monday evenings) are still active and continue till end of October.

First week in November will see the start of Summer club on those two evenings. Consequently a Summer club sub will need to be paid or you can attend by paying the casual fee.

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October 2017

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Friday evening Pickleball - 27th October.  

Thursday afternoon PickleBall club day has started.  Playing every Thursday 1.00pm to 2.30pm. $5.00 each session includes paddles and ball.

For further details check with Aidan for details.

Wellington club (Thursday evenings) has closed for the season.  Returning March 2018.  

Te Arawa and Southern clubs continue their winter season till end of October.  They both then offer a Summer club option starting first week of November to end of February 2018 - further details out shortly.



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