2019 - 15 Years Redcliffe

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ASSRL 15 Years – 2019 Championship Draw

Pool A  - Group 1 - NSW CCC, NSW CHS, QSS Maroon

Pool A - Group 2 - ACT, NSW CIS, QSS White

Pool B – Northern Territory, ASSRL ATSI Invitational, Victoria, Western Australia

Day 1: Sunday            

9.30am                        NRL Welfare Session - QSS Maroon, NSW CIS

Game 1: 10.30am         ASSRL ATSI Invitational v Victoria

Game 2: 11.40am         Western Australia v Northern Territory

1.10pm                         Opening Ceremony

Game 3: 2.10pm*          ACT v QSS White

Game 4: 3.20pm**         NSW CCC v NSW CHS

Day 2: Monday            

9.30am                         NRL Welfare Session - ACT, NSW CCC

Game 1: 10.30am         ASSRL ATSI Invitational v Northern Territory

Game 2: 11.40am         Victoriav Western Australia

Game 3: 12.50pm         QSS White v NSW CIS

Game 4: 2.00pm          NSW CHS v QSS Maroon

6.30pm                        NRL Parents Information Session & Players Dinner

Day 3: Tuesday           

9.30am                         NRL Welfare Session - VIC, WA, ASSRL ATSI Invitational

Game 1: 10.30 am         ACT v NSW CIS

Game 2: 11.40am         NSW CCC v QSS Maroon

12.30pm                       NRL Welfare Session - QSS White, NSW CHS, NT

Day 4: Wednesday      

Game 1: 10.30am         ASSRL ATSI Invitational v Western Australia

Game 2: 11.40am         Victoria v Northern Territory

Game 3: 12.50pm         Semi Final 1:1st Group 1 v 1st Group 2

Game 4: 2.00pm           Semi Final 2: 2nd Group 1 v 3rd Group 1

Day 5: Thursday         

Game 1: 10.30am         3rd Pool B vs 4th Pool B

Game 2: 11.40am         GAME X: 2nd Group 2 v 3rd Group 2

Finals Day: Friday      

8.30am                         Loser Semi Final A v Loser Game X

9.40am                         Loser Semi Final B v Winner Game X

John Allen Trophy       10.50am    1st Pool B v 2nd Pool B

Championship Final    12.20pm     Winner Semi Final A v Winner Semi Final B

1.30pm                         Presentation of Trophies & Awards

2.00pm                        Announcement of Pool A & Pool B Merit Teams


*Kick-off time for Game 3 following the Opening Ceremony will be 40 minutes after the conclusion of the Opening ceremony.

**Kick-off time for Game 4 will be 70 minutes after the start of Game 3 after the initial delay due to the Opening Ceremony.

ASSRL Book " In A Class of their Own"

Notice Board

 2018 AGM and Council Meeting

10.00am Saturday 24th November, Rugby League Central, Sydney


2019 March Council Meeting

10.00am Saturday 16 March, Rugby League Central, Sydney


2019 July Council Meeting

Thursday 4 July, Brisbane, QLD


2019 AGM and Council Meeting

10.00am Saturday 23rd November, Rugby League Central, Sydney


2019 National Championships

15 Years: Sunday 30th June - Friday 5th July (Host Body: QSSRL Venue: Redcliffe, QLD)

18 Years: Sunday 14th - Friday 19th July (Host Body: ACT Venue: Canberra, ACT)