2018 - 15 Years Mackay

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ASSRL 15 Years – 2018 Championship Draw

Pool A- Group 1 - NSW CCC, NSW CHS, QSS Maroon / Group 2 - ACT, NSW CIS, QSS White

Pool B – Northern Territory, South Australia, Victoria, Western Australia

Day 1: Sunday            Game 1: 10.30am         Northern Territory v South Australia      

                                     Game 2: 11.40am         Western Australia v Victoria

                                     1.10pm                          Opening Ceremony

                                     Game 3: 1.50pm           QLD Maroon v NSW CHS

                                     Game 4: 3.00pm           QLD White v NSW CIS

Day 2: Monday            Game 1: 10.30am         Victoria v Northern Territory

                                     Game 2: 11.40am         South Australia v Western Australia

                                     Game 3: 12.50pm         ACT v NSW CIS

                                     Game 4: 2.00pm           NSW CCC v NSW CHS

Day 3: Tuesday          Game 1: 10.30 am        QLD White V ACT

                                    Game 2: 11.40am         QLD Maroon V NSW CCC

Day 4: Wednesday    Game 1: 10.30am          Northern Territory V Western Australia

                                    Game 2: 11.40am         South Australia v Victoria

                                    Game 3: 12.50pm         Semi Final 1:1st Group 1 v 1st Group 2

                                    Game 4: 2.00pm           Semi Final 2: 2nd Group 1 v 3rd Group 1

Day 5: Thursday        Game 1: 10.30am         3rd Pool B vs 4th Pool B

                                    Game 2: 11.40am         GAME X: 2nd Group 2 v 3rd Group 2

Finals Day: Friday     8.30am                           Loser Semi Final A v Loser Game X

                                    9.40am                           Loser Semi Final B v Winner Game X

John Allen Trophy     10.50am                        1st Pool B v 2nd Pool B

Championship Final  12.20pm                        Winner Semi Final A v Winner Semi Final B

                                    1.30pm                          Presentation of Trophies & Awards

                                    2.00pm                          Announcement of Pool A & Pool B Merit Teams

ASSRL Book " In A Class of their Own"

Notice Board

 2018 March Council Meeting

10.00am Saturday 24 March, Rugby League Central, Sydney


2018 July Council Meeting

Thursday 5 July, Mackay, QLD


2018 AGM and Council Meeting

10.00am Saturday 24th November, Rugby League Central, Sydney


2018 National Championships

15 Years: Sunday 1st - Friday 6th July (Host Body: QSSRL Venue: Mackay, QLD)

18 Years: Sunday 15th - Friday 20th July (Host Body: NSWCHS Venue: Kingscliff, NSW)