2015 - 18 Years Wollongong

Australian 18 Years Championships

Wollongong , NSW

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Pool 1
NSWCCC   NSWCHS   Queensland
Pool 2
ACT          NSWCIS  Combined Affiliated States

Sunday July 5, 2015 

Game 1: NSWCIS 44  (Tries: Cameron Murray 2, Ryan Papenhuyzen 2, George Francis, Adam Doueihi, Jake Morrison, Isaac Rabautoka  Goals: Dylan McLachlan 5, Ryan Papenhuyzen) defeated ACT 24   (Tries: Sebastian Kris 2, Nick Cotric 2, Nick Lawrence, Goals: Nick Cotric 2)

Game 2: NSWCCC 18 (Tries: Nathan Cleary 2, Mataele Soni Goals: Nathan Cleary 3)defeated  Queensland 16 (Tries: Kurt Wiltshire, Tom Skinner, Enari Tuala Goals: Jake Clifford 2)

Players of the Match-
NSWCIS 1 – Ryan Papenhuyzen (Oak Hill College, Castle Hill)
ACT 2 – Sebastian Kris (Mary McKillop College, Isabella Plains)
NSWCCC 10 – Jayden Butterfield ( All Saints College St Mary’s Campus, Maitland)
QLD 15 – Steven Tatipata (Woree State High School, Cairns)

Monday 6 July

Game 1: ACT 46  (Tries: Ron Leapai 2, Nick Cotric 2, Lazarus Vaaelepu, Harry Leddy, Elijah Toe Toe-Taiapo, Jai Lyons, Sebastian Kris Goals: Jese Smith-Shields 5)defeated Combined Affiliated States 10  (Tries: Nic Edwards, Apuanea Vaka Goals: William Sila)

Game 2: NSWCHS 38 (Tries: Sione Katoa 2, Tre Williams 2, Harlan Collins, Reuben Garrick, Liam Cassidy Goals: Reuben Garrick 5) defeated  NSWCCC 6  (Tries: Ben Thomas Goals: Nathan Cleary)

Players of the Match-
ACT  12 – Ron Leapai (Erindale College, Erindale)
CAS 3 – Kelma Tuilagi (Hallam Senior College, Victoria)
NSWCHS 10 – Jye Challenor (Westfields Sports High School, Fairfield)
NSWCCC 19 – Ben Thomas (St Edward’s College, Gosford)

Tuesday 7 July

Game 1: NSWCIS  38   (Tries: Harrison O’Toole 2, Kye Madden, Ryan Papenhuyzen, Dylan McLachlan, John Hopoate, Cameron Murray Goals: Ryan Papenhuyzen 2, Dylan McLachlan 2, Adam Doueihi)defeated Combined Affiliated States  4 (Tries: Uala Salia)

Game 2: Queensland 22  (Tries: Jackson Frei, Gehamat Shibasaki, Enari Tuala, Jake Clifford Goals: Jake Clifford 3) defeated NSWCHS 20  (Tries: Sione Katoa, Reuben Garrick, Guy Rosewarn, Daniel Brown Goals: Reuben Garrick 2)  

Players of the Match
NSWCIS 13 – Cameron Murray ( Newington College, Stanmore)
CAS  12 – Nic Edwards (Darwin High School, Northern Territory)
QLD 8 – Jack Lote ( Wavell State High School, Brisbane)
NSWCHS 18 – Lenny Sauni ( Thomas Reddal High School, Ambervale)

Wednesday 8 July

Semi Final 1: NSWCHS  16   (Tries: Keiran Hayman, Joshua Carr, Bessie Aufaga-Toomaga Goals: Reuben Garrick 2)defeated  NSWCIS 14  (Tries: Cameron Murray 3 Goals: Ryan Papenhuyzen)

Semi Final 2: NSWCCC 24  (Tries: Dylan O’Connor, Nathan Cleary, Jarome Luai, Jayden Butterfield  Goals: Nathan Cleary 4) defeated  QUEENSLAND 20 (Tries: Harry Grant, Steven Tatipata, Enari Tuala, Jake Clifford Goals: Jake Clifford 2)

Play off Game: ACT 26  (Tries: Daniel Keir 2, Nick Cotric, Nick Lawrence, Jese Smith-Shields, Jai Lyons Goals: Jese Smith-Shields)defeated CAS 10  (Tries: Siailaoa Faafua, Kelma Tuilaga Goals: William Sila)

Players of the Match-
NSWCHS 3 – Curtis Scott (Endeavour Sports High School, Caringbah)
NSWCIS  13 – Cameron Murray (Newington College, Stanmore)
NSWCCC 6 – Nathan Cleary ( St Dominic’s College, Kingswood)
QLD 1 - David Fauid (Wavell State High School, Brisbane)
ACT  20 – Elijah Toe Toe-Taiapo ( Erindale College, Erindale)
CAS 9 – Jake Johan ( Hallam Senior College, Victoria) 

Thursday 9 July          REST DAY


Friday 10 July FINALS DAY

Championship Final:   NSWCHS 24   (Tries: Joshua Carr, Tre Williams, Adam Keighran, Liam Cassidy, Scott Drinkwater Goals: Reuben Garrick 2) defeated  NSWCCC 18 (Tries: Dylan O’Connor, Kyle Flanagan, Ben Cassell  Goals: Nathan Cleary 3) 

Australian Training Company “Player of the Final”  
NSWCHS  15 - Scott Drinkwater ( Terrigal High School, Terrigal) 

Game 2: Queensland 40 (Tries: Enari Tuala 2, Gehamat Shibasaki, Sam Johnstone, Harry Grant, Corey Allan, Tyrone Roberts-Davis, Duarne Dempsey  Goals: Jake Clifford 4) defeated  ACT 4  (Tries: Nick Lawrence)

Game 3: NSWCIS 28   (Tries: Zac Cardassilaris 2, George Francis, Harrison O’Toole, John Hopoate Goals: Adam Doueihi 4) defeated Combined Affiliated States 10 (Tries: Uala Salia, Derek Maota Goals: Blake Fletcher )


Player of the Championships

NSWCHS 10 – Jye Challenor (Westfields Sports High School Fairfield)

Australian Secondary Schools Rugby League

18 Years Championships Wollongong 2015

Most Valuable Players







Ron Leapai

Erindale College, Erindale



Jake Johan

Hallam Senior College, Victoria



Nathan Cleary

St Dominic’s College, Kingswood



Curtis Scott

Endeavour Sports High School, Caringbah



Zac Cardassilaris

Waverley College, Waverley



Rueben Cotter

Sarina State High School







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