Operations Manual


Index Page for ASSRL Operations Manual

Updated 28 March 2016more






Section A: Standing Orders
Section B: Guidelines for Conduct of National Championships / Hosting International Teams
Section C: Appointment of National Coach / Managersmore

ASSRL Timeline

Timeline for ASSRL activities - yearly programmore

National Championship Information

Championship Planning Structure for Convenors Rules of National Championships Codes of Conduct ASSRLC Championship Venues and Winners Note: Download word document below table of contents


Sponsorship - Playing Apparel Protocols

The ASSRL Executive in consultation with NRL and School Sport Australia developed protocols for playing apparel.more

National Team Information

Page 1 Appointment and Qualifications required for Australian Positions National Coach / Managers / Selectors
See By Laws Section C Page 12 for details on roles and responsibilities.
Page 2 Application Form for Team Official/Selectormore

Touring / Surveys

Page 1: Application to Tour / Travel
Page 4: ASSRL Partcipation Survey Formmore
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ASSRL Book " In A Class of their Own"

Notice Board

 2018 March Council Meeting

10.00am Saturday 24 March, Rugby League Central, Sydney


2018 July Council Meeting

Thursday 5 July, Mackay, QLD


2018 AGM and Council Meeting

10.00am Saturday 24th November, Rugby League Central, Sydney


2018 National Championships

15 Years: Sunday 1st - Friday 6th July (Host Body: QSSRL Venue: Mackay, QLD)

18 Years: Sunday 15th - Friday 20th July (Host Body: NSWCHS Venue: Kingscliff, NSW)