Operations Manual


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Updated May 2018more






Section A: Standing Orders
Section B: Guidelines for Conduct of National Championships / Hosting International Teams
Section C: Appointment of National Coach / Managersmore

ASSRL Timeline

Timeline for ASSRL activities - yearly programmore

National Championship Information

Championship Planning Structure for Convenors Rules of National Championships Codes of Conduct ASSRLC Championship Venues and Winners Note: Download word document below table of contents


Sponsorship - Playing Apparel Protocols

The ASSRL Executive in consultation with NRL and School Sport Australia developed protocols for playing apparel.more

National Team Information

Appointment and Qualifications required for Australian Positions National Coach / Managers / Selectors - See By Laws Section C Page 12 for details on roles and responsibilities.
Page 1 Application Form for Team Official/Selectormore

Touring / Surveys

Page 1: Application to Tour / Travel
Page 4: ASSRL Partcipation Survey Formmore
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ASSRL Book " In A Class of their Own"

Notice Board

 2018 March Council Meeting

10.00am Saturday 24 March, Rugby League Central, Sydney


2018 July Council Meeting

Thursday 5 July, Mackay, QLD


2018 AGM and Council Meeting

10.00am Saturday 24th November, Rugby League Central, Sydney


2018 National Championships

15 Years: Sunday 1st - Friday 6th July (Host Body: QSSRL Venue: Mackay, QLD)

18 Years: Sunday 15th - Friday 20th July (Host Body: NSWCHS Venue: Kingscliff, NSW)