International Tour Reports


2015 - New Zealand

The Australian Schoolboys team of 2015 proved too strong for the New Zealand Under 18 team touring winning both Test matches. The first match was played at Suncorp Stadium and the Australian team played outstanding attacking football to run out 70-24 winners. The Second Test was played at Kougari Oval, Wynnum and although a closer scoreline, the Australian team clinched the series 30-6.more

2014 - England Academy and France Tour

The 2014 Australian Schoolboys undertook the challenge of touring both England and France. The team coached by first time Australian coach, Brian Battese, embraced the challenge and won 6 out of 7 games - drawing the series with the England Academy.more

2013 - New Zealand Tour

After the 2013 18 Years Championships, the Australian team selected toured New Zealand in September for a two International series. Coached by Peter Denham the side prepared for the tour with a short camp at Narabeen.more

2012 - England Academy

After the loss of the series in 2010, the class of 2012 was determined to reverse the results. Coached by Peter Denham , the team played outstandingly to win the two test seriesagainst their now traditional rivals the Engalnd Academy.more

2011 - New Zealand Tour

The Australian Schoolboys toured New Zealand and played a two match series against the New Zealand Kiwis. Coached by former Australian Schoolboy player, Peter Denham, the side performed very well and came back from a first Test loss to draw the series one all.more

2010 - Wales, England and France

The 2010 Australian Schoolboys endured extreme weather conditions on their tour of Wales, England and France. After a promising start the bad weather resulted in one game being cancelled and a change in venue for the International matches against the England Academy. Unfortunately despite the best efforts of the coach, Brendan Barlow, and the team, they were defeated by the strong and well preparemore

2009 - Great Britain Community Lions

The 2009 Australian Schoolboys team maintained our association's exemplary standards in their 2 nil series victory over the touring Great Britain Community Lions.more

2008 - England Academy and France Tour of Australia

The Australian Schoolboys retained the title of World Youth Champions in defeating the England Academy team in a two test series and the French 18 Years Youth team. Coaching in his first year as Australian coach, Brendan Barlow from Queensland continued the winning ways of the Australian Schoolboys team in a very impressive debut year.more

2007 - New Zealand Tour

The 2007 Australian Schoolboys defeated the New Zealand Under 18 side in a magnificent two test series and can deservedly be called the World Champions. After a short preparation the side travelled to New Zealand with great expectations. Both Test Matches were very competitive and highlighted the skills of both teams. again coached by Simon Huntly the Australian side showed great composure and skimore

2006 - Wales, England and France

The 2006 Australian Schoolboys regained the mantle of World Champions after their triumphant tour of Wales, England and France. After winning the two test series against the England Academy the team completed their undefeated tour by winning the final matches in France. Coached by Simon Huntly the team performed magnificantly and deserved to be called World Champions.more

2004 - England Academy, BARLA and France

The 2004 Australian Schoolboys had a busy schedule of games winning the first two Internationals before narrowly losing the one off match against the England Academy team.more

2003 - New Zealand

Player list and scores from the 2003 tour of New Zealand by the Australian Secondary Schools Rugby League.

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2002 - England & France

Match reports, results and squad from the 2002 Australian Secondary Schools Rugby League tour of France and England.

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1999 - France, Ireland & England

Coaches, Manager and Tour Managers reports on the 1999 Australian Secondary Schools Rugby League tour of France, Ireland and England.

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1998 - New Zealand

Coach, Mark Greers report from the 1998 Australian Secondary Schools Rugby League tour of New Zealand.

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1996 - Papua New Guinea

Diary written by the players for the 1996 Australian Secondary Schools Rugby League tour of Papua New Guinea. Two players were assigned to each day to add to this diary.

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1995 - England & France

Players diary about the 1995 Australian Schoolboys tour of France and England. Each day was compiled by a different nominated player.

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