2012 - 18 Years Port Macquarie

18 Years Draw 2012

Port Macquarie Regional Stadium,  Port Macquarie NSW

Pool A:   NSW Combined Catholic Colleges            Queensland           NSW Combined High Schools

Pool B:    ACT                     NSW Combined Independent Schools       Combined Affiliated States

Sunday – 8 July 

ACT 34 (Tries: Jordan Martin 2, Reuben House, Isaac Hamad, Matt Frawley, Tommy Katene, Jarred McIlwrick Goals: Jacob Palmer, Tommy Katene, Josh Baker) defeated NSWCIS 16 (Tries: Jerome Harrison, Luke Petrie, Sam Peni Goals: Nic Andrews 2)

NSWCHS 42 (Tries: Clint Gutherson 2, Dee Jay Harris, Jordan Latham, Swade Dunn, Dylan Walker, Brendan Attwood, Josh Brown Goals: Dylan Walker 5)defeated Queensland 22 (Tries: Conor Carey, Thomas McLellan, Perry Ioane, Keirran Moseley Goals: Delayne Ashby 2, Sam Harrold)

Players of the Match-
ACT 8 – Mitch Shaw (Hawker College)
NSWCIS 1 – Zayde Alvarado (St Andrew Cathedral School)
NSWCHS 3 – Clint Gutherson ( Freshwater High School)
Queensland 13 – Jai Arrow (Keebra Park State High School) 

Monday – 9 July              

Game 1: CAS 52 (Tries:Brandon Manase 2, Dilan Brittain 2, Chanel Seijafo, Jose Makai, Charnze Niscoll-Klokstad, Lawrence Watego, Tremaine Jensen, Michael Gray Goals: Aaron Teroi 6) defeated NSWCIS 6 (Tries: Nic Andrews Goals: Nic Andrews)

Game 2: NSWCCC 32 (Tries: Mitchell Moses 2, Adam Elliot 2, Dallin Watene-Zelezniak, Nathan Milone, Luke Brooks Goals: Mitchell Moses 2) defeated Queensland 0

Players of the Match -
CAS 8 – Henry Sang-Yum (Victoria Uni Secondary College)
NSWCIS 12 – Matt Langfield (William Carey Christian School)
NSWCCC 10 – Chris Smith (Patrician Brothers College, Blacktown)
Queensland 17 – Joseph Ofahengaue (St Peter Claver College)

 Tuesday- 10 July  

Game 1: ACT 34 (Tries: Kilu Pangai, Matt Frawley, Mitch Shaw, Jacob Palmer, Isaac Hamad, Eugene Rebsdorf, Jordan Martin Goals: Josh Baker 2, Tommy Katene )defeats CAS 6 (Tries: Jackson Brenchley Goals: Aaron Teroi)

Game 2:NSWCCC 22 (Tries: Mitchell Moses, Halauafu Lavaka, Sione Folau, Anthony Colman Goals: Mitchell Moses 3) defeated NSWCHS 18 (Tries: Jordan Latham, Dylan Walker, Deejay Harris Goals: Dylan Walker 3)

Players of the Match-
ACT 11 – Jarrod McIlwrick (Erindale College)
CAS 17 – Michael Grey (Canning College)
NSWCHS 11 – Brendan Attwood (The Hills SHS)
NSWCCC 8 – Matthew Lodge (Terra Sancta College, Quackers Hill)

Wednesday - 11 July

Semi Final 1: NSWCCC 34 (Tries: Bryce Cartwright, Michael Morgan, Pauli Pauli, Halauafu Lavaka, Mitchell Moses, Nathan Milone Goals: Mitchell Moses 5) defeated ACT 16 (Tries: Jordan Martin, Sonny Tupuola, Eugene Rebsdorf Goals: Josh Baker 2)

Semi Final 2:NSWCHS 36 (Tries: Willis Meehan 3, Dylan Walker, Luke Vella, Clint Gutherson, Jordan Latham Goals: Dylan Walker 4)defeated QLD 10 (Tries: Jack Goodsell, Luke Bateman Goals: Delayne Ashby)

Game X: CAS 28 (Tries: Dillan Britain, Romsia Dyer, Brandon Manase, Lawrence Watego, Aaron Teroi Goals: Aaron Teroi 4) defeated NSWCIS 14 (Tries: Peter Nay, Zayde Alvarado, Matt Langfield Goals: Nic Andrews)

Players of the Match-
CAS 7 – Charnze Niscoll-Klokstad (Vic Uni Secondary College)
NSWCIS 8 – Jayden Yasar (Toongabbie Christian School)
NSWCCC 1 – Dallin Watene-Zelezniak (Patrician Brothers College, Blacktown)
ACT 7 – Matt Frawley (Daramalan College)
QLD 13 – Jai Arrow (Keebra Park State High School)
NSWCHS 1 – Alex Johnston (Endeavour Sports High School)

Thursday - 12 July

                                                             REST DAY

Friday – 13 July  

Championship Final: NSWCCC 30 (Tries: Dallin Watene-Zelezniak 3, Halauafu Lavaka 2, Luke Brooks Goals: Mitchel Moses 3)defeated NSWCHS 10 (Tries: Deejay Harris, Alex Johnston Goals: Alex Johnston)

Australian Training Company “Player of the Final”     NSWCCC 7 – Luke Brooks (Holy Cross College, Ryde)


Player of the Championship     NSWCCC 6 – Mitchell Moses (Holy Cross College, Ryde)

Game 2: ACT 28 (Tries: Jarrod McIlwrick, Jordan Martin, Mitch Shaw, Eugene Rebsdorf, Daniel Buitendam, Brenko Lotosniu-Lee Goals: Josh Baker, Tommy Katene) defeated NSWCIS 12 (Tries: Peter Nay, Zayde Alvarado Goal: Nic Andrews, Jack Grant)

Game 3: Queensland 48 (Tries: Jack Goodsell 3, Thomas McLellan, Jayden Nikorima, Kieran Quabba, Joseph Ofahengaue, Luke Bateman, Jarryd Dodd Goals: Delayne Ashby 6) defeated Combined Affiliated States 4 (Tries: Charnze Niscoll-Klokstad)

18 Years Championships Port Macquarie 2012
Most Valuable Players






 ACT 7

Matt Frawley

Daramalan College


 CAS 8

Henry Sang-Yum

Vic Uni Secondary College



Mitchell Moses

Holy Cross College, Ryde



Clint Gutherson

Freshwater High School



Peter Nay

Blue Mountains Grammar School


QLD 13

Jai Arrow

Keebra Park State High School














































































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