2011 - 18 Years St Marys

2011 18 Years Championships Draw

St Marys Leagues Stadium 10th – 15th July 2011


NSW Combined Catholic Colleges
NSW Combined High Schools
Queensland Secondary Schools

Australian Capital Territory
Combined Affiliated States
NSW Combined Independent Schools

 Sunday 10th July

Game 1: CAS 48 (Tries: Brandon Manase 3, Richard Kennar 2, Brendon Donnelly, Dane Chang, Dylan Cartwright, Luke Conaghty Goals: Brendon Donnelly 5, Evan Apiti-Civcic) lead NSWCIS 0

Game 2: NSWCHS 34 (Tries: Junior Paulo 2, Diamond Charlie 2, Troy Errington, Evander Cummins 2 Goals: DeeJay Harris 3) defeated Queensland 22 (Tries: Jamal Fogarty, Jahrome Hughes, Kelvin Lowe 2 Goals: Sam Harrold 3)

Players of the Match-
CAS 13 - Brandon Manase (Hallam Senior College, Victoria)
NSWCIS 12 – Tim Vujic (Belmont Christian College)
NSWCHS 13 – Brendan Santi (Bass High School)
Queensland 15 – Lloyd Perrett (Palm Beach Currumbin SHS)

Monday 11th July

Game 1: ACT 36 (Tries: Josh Baker, Bryce O’Sullivan 2, Aisea Taholo, Jeff Laundess 2, Rourke O’Sullivan Goals: Josh Mitchell 3, Carl Johnson) defeated CAS 10 (Tries :Scott Westra Van Holthe, Hayden Butler Goals: Brendon Donnelly) 


Game 2: NSWCCC 14 (Tries: George Jennings, Nathan Aubusson, Nick Ritter Goals: Curtis Sironen) defeated NSWCHS 12 (Tries: Evander Cummins, Diamond Charlie Goals: Troy Errington 2)

Players of the Match-
Game 1:
CAS 4 – Richard Kennar (Craigieburn Secondary College)
ACT 16 – Mitchell Shaw (Hawker College)
NSWCHS 8 – David Klemmer (Westfield Sports High School)
NSWCCC 11 – Sam Coster (Rendbend Catholic College)

 Tuesday 12th July

Game 1: ACT 26 (Tries: Bryce O’Sullivan 2, Scott Kalsbeek 2, Rourke O’Sullivan Goals: Josh Mitchell 3) defeated NSWCIS 14 (Tries: Daniel Awrham 2, Ben Jemmett Goals: Tiannua Poto) 

Game 2: Queensland 44 (Tries: Lloyd Perrett, Andrew Vela, Kane Elgey, Sam Harrold, Tom Rowles, Kelvin Lowe, Jamal Fogarty, Kurtis McDonald Goals: Sam Harrold 3, Jamal Fogarty 3) defeated NSWCCC 10 (Tries: Nick Ritter, Alan Niulesa Goals: Mitchell Moses)

Players of the Match-
ACT 3 – Bryce O’Sullivan (Daramalan College)
NSWCIS 18 – Ben Jemmett ( Belmont Christian College)
QLD 7 – Kane Elgey (Palm Beach Currumbin SHS)
NSWCCC 17 – Adam Elliot (St Gregory’s College)

Wednesday 13th July

Game 1: CAS 56 (Tries: Hayden Butler 2, Chris Smith 2, Pride Petterson-Robati, Fou Tagiilima, Ashley Hunter, Evan Apiti-Civcic, Richard Kennar, Brandon Manase, Logan Haughton Goals: Brendon Donnelly 4, Evan Apiti-Civcic 2) ldefeated NSWCIS 4 (Tries: Rob Mortimer) 

Semi Final A: Queensland 50 (Tries: Andrew Vela 2, Benjamin Mariu-James, Kane Elgey, Jahrome Hughes, Kurtis McDonald, Kodi Nikorima, Jeremiah Nia, Jamal Fogarty, Nene McDonald Goals: Jamal Fogarty 2, Sam Harrold 2, Kane Elgey) defeated ACT 6 (Tries: Scott Kalsbeek Goals: Josh Mitchell)

Semi Final B: NSWCCC 18 (Tries: Michael Morgan 2, Adam Elliot, Nick Ritter Goals: Samisoni Langi) defeated NSWCHS 18 (Tries: Matiu Fukofuka 2`, Tyrone Phillips, Jaline Graham Goals: DeeJay Harris)
NSWCCC wins under rule 10.  In an event of a drawn game after normal playing time in a semi-final, the winner shall be determined according to the following: the first try scored. 

Players of the Match-
CAS 19 – Scott Westra Van Holthe (Katherine High School)
NSWCIS 7 – Rob Mortimer (St Stanislaus College)
Queensland 2 – Nene McDonlad (Kirwan SHS)
ACT 10 – Hayden Pengelly (Melba Copland Secondary)
NSWCCC 6 -  Curtis Sironen (Holy Cross College Ryde)
NSWCHS 1 - Evander Cummins (Corrimal High School)

Thursday 14th July

Rest day

Friday 15th July

Championship Final: NSWCCC 20 (Tries: Samisoni Langi 2, Adam Elliot, Nick Ritter Goals: Toby Evans, Samisoni Langi ) defeated QUEENSLAND 4 (Tries: Sam Harrold)

Game 2: ACT 44 (Tries: Bryce O’Sullivan 3, Josh Mitchell 2, Tyson Endacott, Jake Duff, Josh Pheeney Goals: Josh Mitchell 6) defeated NSWCIS 6 (Tries: Louis Musson Goals: Tiannua Poto) 
Players of the Match
ACT 8 – Josh Mitchell (Erindale College)
NSWCIS 11 – Jordan Nematalla (Penrith Anglican College)

Game 3: NSWCHS 26 (Tries: Tyrone Phillips, Craig Garvey, Diamond Charlie, Jaline Graham, DeeJay Harris Goals: Jaline Graham 3) defeated Combined Affiliated States 24 (Tries: Evan Apiti-Civcic 2, Richard Kennar, Chris Smith, Dane Chang Goals: Brendon Donnelly, Talalupelele Titi)
Players of the Match
CAS 16 – Evan Apiti-Civcic
(Christian Brothers College)
NSWCHS 18 – Junior Paulo (Ashcroft High School)

Players of the Championships







Josh Mitchell

Erindale College



James Desaxe

Hallam Senior College



Leilani Latu

Patrician Brothers College



Junior Paulo

Ashcroft High School



Tim Vujic

Belmont Christian College



Andrew Vela

Keebra Park State High School











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