2015 Junior Grand Finals

Under 11’s – Waverley Panthers vs Altona Roosters Blue
Waverley Panthers enjoyed a successful season as they topped the Under 11 ladder, finishing top by 2 points over both Altona Roosters Blue and Werribee Bears Black. Altona Roosters Blue made their way to the Grand Final after finals wins over Craigieburn Phoenix and Werribee Bears Black. Roosters Blue and Panthers had played each other just once in the 2015 season with Roosters Blue triumphing 26-12. The Grand Final was a tight fought match with Waverley Panthers coming out 18-14 winners.


Under 12’s – Northern Thunder vs Altona Roosters
The Grand Final was played between 2015’s top two teams in the Under 12 division with minor premiers Northern Thunder taking on 2nd placed Altona Roosters. Northern Thunder had the confidence going into the Grand Final after victories in the team’s two meetings earlier in the season. A clash early in the season saw Thunder 22-12 winners, while the clubs met in the semi-finals and Northern Thunder earned the direct passage to the Grand Final after a 18-14 win. The Grand Final was won by Northern Thunder who came out on top in a high scoring affair winning 34-26.

Under 13’s – Sunbury Tigers vs Northern Thunder
Northern Thunder had topped the Under 13 ladder in 2015 with a commanding season seeing them only lose one match all season. Sunbury Tigers had finished the season in 3rd position. The two teams had played each other twice in the home and away season with both teams earning a victory each. Sunbury Tigers had won the first clash between the two in a 12-6 win, while Northern Thunder won the second meeting 16-14. With two close matches in the season and two quality teams fighting out for the title, it looked to be a Grand Final that could go either way. In the end that was true, as Sunbury Tigers emerged 26-24 winners with the only difference being a missed conversion.

Under 14’s – Sunbury Tigers vs Altona Roosters
The Under 14 team from Sunbury Tigers had a massive season, finishing the season undefeated after 14 rounds and with a huge 578 point difference. Altona Roosters had finished the season in 3rd spot themselves. With the clubs meeting twice in the home and away season, Sunbury Tigers had won the early season match in a dominant performance 36-0, while the second match was a closer affair with Sunbury winning 14-12. The Grand Final was certainly one that Sunbury were confident in winning, but the recent close match gave Altona confidence that they can take down the Tigers. It was the Sunbury Tigers’ day though, running hot in a big 34-6 victory.

Under 16 Div 2 – Sunbury Tigers vs Altona Roosters
Coming into the Grand Final, both clubs had enjoyed a good season finishing with Sunbury atop the ladder with Altona immediately behind them in second. Altona would have finished on top the table, but a 2 point penalty for a forfeit had relegated them to second. The two clubs met 4 times prior to the Grand Final, with 3 home and away season matches and a clash in the semi-finals. Sunbury Tigers claimed 2 regular season wins in close matches winning 26-18 and 24-16. Altona Roosters earned themselves a 26-18 win over the Tigers mid-season. The two met in Semi Final 2 where Sunbury won 16-10 and earned their way to the final match of the season. The Grand Final was another close match but Sunbury were winners again in a 22-14 victory.

Under 16 Div 1 – South Eastern Titans vs Casey Warriors
South Eastern Titans were the minor premiers in the Under 16 Division 1 competition, while Casey Warriors found themselves making the Grand Final from 3rd spot. In the regular season, the clubs met twice with Titans winning the first match between the two 34-24, with Casey victorious in the second match 28-20. The Grand Final was one-way traffic though, with the South Eastern Titans running away 38-10 victors.

Under 18 – South Eastern Titans vs Waverley Panthers
The Under 18 Grand Final was fought out between the competition minor premiers South Eastern Titans and second placed Waverley Panthers. The two clubs had met three times in the season prior to the Grand Final with South Eastern Titans earning two regular season victories 26-6 and 24-22. Waverley Panthers were victorious in the semi-final clash between the two in a close 30-26 win. The Grand Final was set to be a tight one, and in the end it was South Eastern titans being too good on the day and walking away 20-10 winners.

Girl’s Tag – Altona Roosters Blue vs Waverley Panthers
Altona Roosters Blue had finished the 2015 season on top of the Girls Tagdivision in an undefeated season after 14 rounds. Waverley Panthers had made their way to the Grand Final from fourth spot on the ladder. With the clubs meeting only once in the regular season, Altona Blue were victorious on the day in a big 28-0 win. The Grand Final was another one-sided match between the two with Altona Roosters Blue keeping Waverley scoreless in an 18-0 win.