Ground Dimensions

Mini Rugby League

The overall dimensions for 6, 7 and 8 years is approximately 68m (width of regulation-size field) by 30m (from 10m line to 40m line) of a regulation field.

At nine years, the field may be enlarged to measure 68m x 40m (maximum).

The halfway line stretches between the centres of the goal lines of the regulation field and across the 'mini' field as outlined above and in the diagram.

The quarterway line stretches from side to side of the 'mini' field 20m from the touch line of the adult field, i.e. the 20m scrum line.

The 10m and 5m lines are 'judged' by the referee.

The touch in-goal line is 8m (maximum) from the goal line (i.e. touch line of adult field). This in-goal depth measurement is regarded as a maximum. No minimum applies, although a reasonable depth should be used depending on the available space.

When using witches’ hats, stakes or the like, care must be taken in their placement to ensure the safety of the players.

Mod Rugby League

The field at ages 10, 11 years as well as Girl’s Tag measures 80m by 48m. The halfway line is halfway of the adult field. The quarterway line is the 30m line of the adult field.

In-goal is the area between the adult goal line and the line 10m from, and in front of, it. The touch in-goal lines are the portions of the two lines 10m from the adult field’s touch lines.

Goal posts are part of the dead ball line.

The field at 12 years is the international field.

mod field

International Rugby League

Rugby league is played on a rectangular grass field 68m wide and 100m long. The recommended minimum around the field is 3m (preferred 5m).

The goal posts are 16m high and 5.5m wide. The crossbar is 3m high from the ground to the top of the bar. The in-goal areas measure 68m wide and between 6m–11m long. It is recommended that the bottom 2m of the uprights are padded.

International field