Contact Details

Contact Name :
Phone number :
(03) 5144 2109
Postal Address :

PO Box 788 SALE VIC 3850

President: Laurie

Vice President: Brett Towers {Porky}

Secretary: Louisa Date (

Phone (03) 51442109
P. O. Box 788
Sale. 3850

Treasurer: Laurie
Committee: Ursula

Committee: Mike

Committee: Ralph

Committee: Anita

All committee members may be contacted at the Ass'n Post Office Box.

Team Delegates.
Gippsland Grammar: Jake {Swans & Barbarians}

C.A.T.'s: Kerry

Pink Panthers; Dave Svarc

Switched on Installations: Corey

Porky's Pines: Porky

Nagle College: Bryan

Phoenix: Mike