Write up of last weeks games




The Incredi-Bulls and Panthers drew in their game last Wednesday night with a final score of five tries each.


This was an intriguing game with Corey Siebel’s Incredi-Bulls fielding only five players whereas the Panthers had 11; prior to the game it appeared that the Panthers would run out winners as they had a large interchange bench however, this was not the case.


At half time the Incredi-Bulls led with four tries to three and in the second half the Panthers added two tries to one.


The experience of Ivan Petrovic proved to be a winner for the Incredi-Bulls; this together with the pace of Jake Farquhar was something that the Panthers had trouble in countering.


Petrovic and Jake Farquhar each made two tries with Brody Farquhar making one.


The Panthers Layton Sketcher once again shone with his pace and scoring ability; he made three tries taking his season tally to ten.


Both Adam and Alex Lawson each made one try for the Panthers.


Best players were Nigel Shaw, Corey Siebel, Sketcher, Jen Marshall and Elizabeth Siebel. Breanna Durkin won the encouragement award.


The C.A.T.’s defeated Phoenix in an even contest with five tries to one; the score does not indicate the closeness of this contest.


Hayden Crean and Michael Baker each made two tries for the C.A.T.’s with Nick Ramsbottom making one.


Kate Laskowski was the only scorer for Phoenix with one try.


Best players were Ramsbottom, Harry Conway, Naithan Newby, Laskowski and Samantha Cass. Theo Green won the encouragement award.


This was Samantha’s first game this season.


The experience of Nagle College proved too much for Gippsland Grammar with six tries to just the one.


Grammar only scored in the first half through Will Bodman; this was his first game of the season


Nagle’s Kyle Grummisch top scored for Nagle with three tries; Daniel Churches, Oscar Crunden-Smith and Brodi Pedretti each made one.


Nagle’s captain, Bryan Smith, stated that it was through Nagle’s defence that gave them the edge over the talented Grammar team.


Best players were Grummisch, Crunden-Smith, Campbell Meade, Emma Shaw and Pedretti with Mason Annear winning the encouragement award.


Chromates came well stocked with sixteen players to take on Porky’s, however this was not enough to counter the talented Porky’s team with Porky’s scoring six tries while keeping Chromates scoreless.


David Ropeti top scored with four tries. The very talented Maddy Hinder made two with one each to Leigh Mawley, James Neven, Henry Ropeti and Steve Wright.


Best players were Henry Ropeti, Craig Roberts, Wright, Hinder and Anita Wilson. Leigh Mawley won the encouragement award.


There is no touch for the next four weeks; the next scheduled game will be on the 12th October. The extended break is due to ground renovations at Stephenson Park.