Registration Forms

Team Registration

Team Registration! Click more to see all the details.more

Individual Player Registration Form

Copy and past the link above to register, or go into the 'more' section to find the direct link.
Cost per adult player is $125 the season (plus 4% fee). Cost for high school students is $75 for this season.
Please pay online as we don't accept bank transfers and don't monitor these payments.more

Registration Process

1. Team organiser registers the team on line and get unique team code
2. The team organiser emails team mates to join
3. Team mates complete an individual registration on line (use team code)
4. Team mates make their rego payment
5. Team organiser monitors joining team membersmore

Code of Conduct

You need to be familiar with the GTA Code of Conduct.
You must read it before proceeding with your individual registration.

Registration requires you to agree to behave per the the Code.


Payment Methods

The credit card process during the on line registration process is the only method to complete your registration. You can come back later to login and pay as long as this is done before the start of the season. Your registration will not be processed until this is done! This means that teams may not be accepted into the competition until they have 9 registered players!more
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2017/18 Summer Monday Mixed A/B
1 Tu Meke 52
2 Tap n Gap 52
3 4play2 46
4 Detroit 44
5 Karma Kuzzies.. 41
6 MonStars 40
7 Puma Squad 38
8 Notorious FS 38
9 Rams Touching Cloth 36
10 Bulldogs 31
11 Grand Poobahs 28
12 4Play 28
13 Run 23
14 Playmakers 22
15 Monday Newbeeeez 19
16 Bye (prev gee roosters) 9


2017/18 Summer Wednesday Mixed Family (C Grade)