Season 2010-2011


Playing in extreme weather conditions

Unless under extreme circumstances, all Touch football games will go ahead each week.

Extreme circumstances would be anything over 38 degree heat or extreme rainfall.

Some players have been contacting the committee asking if the last round was to be cancelled.  If the committee deems necessary to cancel a round due to extreme heat/rain conditions, then this will be communicated via the website and also by email. 

You should not automatically assume that games will be cancelled.

Further to that, if you feel that it is in your best interests not to play you should communicate this to your captain.


Rule of the Week - Tap Ball

Rule of the week- Tap Ball rule 6 and 15

A tap ball is used to start each half of the game, and when a penalty is given.


Important Notice concerning playing fields

Please read on for an important notice from the GTA President, Peter Cramp, concerning the playing fields.more

Playing Grounds

Geelong Touch Association's home ground is King Lloyd

Linemarking Responsibilities

This year, each team will be responsible for marking the grounds at least once throughout the season.

Please read on for more info....more


Geelong Touch Assoc. always welcome new referees to its competition.

If we get enough interest, we will endeavor to run a course at the start of this coming season.

Read on for further details.more

Clarification of Junior Male Rule

The GTA Committee has sought to clarify the Junior males aged 14 and under rule. Please read for important information concerning the wearing of arm bands.more

Playing Uniforms

Please be aware that the referees/committee will start awarding two point penalties for every person out of uniform for all games from the start of November.more
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2017/18 Summer Monday Mixed A/B
1 Tu Meke 52
2 Tap n Gap 52
3 4play2 46
4 Detroit 44
5 Karma Kuzzies.. 41
6 MonStars 40
7 Puma Squad 38
8 Notorious FS 38
9 Rams Touching Cloth 36
10 Bulldogs 31
11 Grand Poobahs 28
12 4Play 28
13 Run 23
14 Playmakers 22
15 Monday Newbeeeez 19
16 Bye (prev gee roosters) 9


2017/18 Summer Wednesday Mixed Family (C Grade)