It costs about $120 for each adult to play in a team. School students are required to pay $70. There is no team fee; each player in the team pays their fee, and with the other team members this makes up the team registration.


Team Registration and New Players

Team registration requires a minimum of 9 players, 4 of which must be female. This provides some assurance that teams will be able to continue to field a competitive side throughout the full season.


Our Fields

The King Lloyd Reserve is shared during summer with the Murgheboluc Cricket Club. The Newtown City Hockey Club are also tenants.


Representative Schedule

We enjoy playing in a representative round robin with other Affiliates based in Western Victoria. This takes in regions such as Warrnambool, Portland, Macedon, Ballarat. Hamilton, Shepparton and even Mt.Gambier


GTA Competition Format & Age Restrictions

Geelong Touch Association (GTA) run a mixed sex competition on Monday evenings from 6pm. We have 3 matches of 20 minute halves under natural light - there is no flood lighting at the fields.

Ever since we incorporated in 1997 we have run a modified mixed competition that allows 4 men on the field and 2 women. Women touch downs were awarded 2 points to encourage participation. This year (2011) we have adopted the standard 3 males and 3 females on the field and also adopted the standard 1 point regardless of who scores.

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2017/18 Summer Monday Mixed A/B
1 Tu Meke 52
2 Tap n Gap 52
3 4play2 46
4 Detroit 44
5 Karma Kuzzies.. 41
6 MonStars 40
7 Puma Squad 38
8 Notorious FS 38
9 Rams Touching Cloth 36
10 Bulldogs 31
11 Grand Poobahs 28
12 4Play 28
13 Run 23
14 Playmakers 22
15 Monday Newbeeeez 19
16 Bye (prev gee roosters) 9


2017/18 Summer Wednesday Mixed Family (C Grade)