Rule of the Week

Forward Pass

The referee will watch for the direction the ball came out of the hands of any player to determine if the ball was thrown forward.

It is not the path of the ball, but the direction out of the hands that determines if the pass was forward.

The side line referee will often assist the central referee in determining if a pass was made forward.



A retiring defender must not deviate from the direction they are retiring in until they are onside.

Jinking to the left or right in response to the the path of the attacking ball player, before getting onside, is called shadowing and will be penalised.

The mark for the penalty will be from where the onside position was, i.e. at least five (5) meters upfield from the roll ball mark. 


Advancing Forward in Defence

Any player of the defending team that steps on or behind the dashed 5m line in front of their score line triggers the requirement that the entire team keeping moving forward towards the attacking team.

A defender can only stop moving forward when a touch is imminent.


Tap Ball

Tap Ball rule 6 and 15

A tap ball is used to start each half of the game, and when a penalty is given.

Method: The player taking the tap is to wait until the referee indicates the mark prior to tapping the ball. The tap is taken by placing the ball on the ground at or up to 10m behind the mark, releasing both hands from the ball, tapping the ball with either foot a distance of not more than one (1) metre, and retrieving the ball cleanly.

Any player of the attacking team may take the tap, and can be facing in any direction when taking the tap (unlike the roll ball). Everyone on the attacking team needs to be behind the ball before the tap can occur. If a player chooses to roll ball in lieu of a tap, the player who receives the ball is not deemed to be a half.

Defending Team. All players of the defending team are required to retire a distance of not less than ten (10) metres from the mark for the tap. The ref will mark the onside position. Defending players may move forward of their positions once the ball has been tapped with the foot.

A penalty resulting in a tap is given for: Late pass (“Touch and pass”) -the ball is passed after you are touched. Forward pass Defender Offside Not moving from your defending try line when directed by the referee Obstruction/Shepherding More than the allowed number of players on the field, be it composition of males/females or more than 6 players. This includes an incorrect substitution, kicking or throwing the ball away, delaying play, verbal abuse to anyone, rough touches, anything deemed by the referee to be unsportsmanlike.

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2017/18 Summer Monday Mixed A/B
1 Tu Meke 52
2 Tap n Gap 52
3 4play2 46
4 Detroit 44
5 Karma Kuzzies.. 41
6 MonStars 40
7 Puma Squad 38
8 Notorious FS 38
9 Rams Touching Cloth 36
10 Bulldogs 31
11 Grand Poobahs 28
12 4Play 28
13 Run 23
14 Playmakers 22
15 Monday Newbeeeez 19
16 Bye (prev gee roosters) 9


2017/18 Summer Wednesday Mixed Family (C Grade)