Season Best & Fairest Winners

Congratulations to the following players after the seasons B&F votes by the referees have been tallied up.


Grand Final Winners

Congratulations to all players competing in the Grand Finals.

The winning teams for 2011/12 were:

A grade: 4Play

B grade: Cows Go Moolap (in a drop off!)

C grade: BlueWind

Mens: Young Fellas


Grand Final Draws

1pm - C Grade - Bluewind vs Wanna B's

2pm - B Grade - Cows go Moolap vs 4play2

3pm - A Grade - 4play vs Detroit

4pm - Mens - Young Fellas vs Can't Touch This

BBQ will be available through the day.


Team Coordinators Login Link

Click the link to take you to the SportingPulse login page




The committee tonight signed off on referee payments for 2011/12.

All Level 0 and Level 1 referees will be paid $15 per game.
Level 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6 referees will be paid $20 per game.
This incentive scheme is to encourage Geelong players to undertake the Level 2 referee course, and get their competency assessed.

Any referee that referees alone (a single) will be paid an extra $5.
Any referee that referees all 3 time slots will be paid an extra $5 (this includes if you play one of those time slots).

A grade games will be given priority for referee allocations.
C grade games will have a high degree of 'coaching' of the rules by the referee.


Men Playing Both Comps

Blokes playing in both the Mixed and the Mens comp need to register on line twice.

This is easy. After you have registered the first time all you need is the other team code. You will already have your username and password from registering the first time. Take the first of the three registration options and proceed. Any problems call John (0404 800 374).

It also means you need to pay twice. 


Fee Increase for Better Insurance Cover

Fees will be increased by $5 each player this coming season in order to provide the higher level of player insurance offerred through the VTA and ATA. The basic (compulsory) cover was found wanting last season and a number of injured players voiced their concerns to the committee. The higher cover is better, but players are advised that they should consider private cover to provide a higher level of protection again to suit their own needs.

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2017/18 Summer Monday Mixed A/B
1 Tu Meke 52
2 Tap n Gap 52
3 4play2 46
4 Detroit 44
5 Karma Kuzzies.. 41
6 MonStars 40
7 Puma Squad 38
8 Notorious FS 38
9 Rams Touching Cloth 36
10 Bulldogs 31
11 Grand Poobahs 28
12 4Play 28
13 Run 23
14 Playmakers 22
15 Monday Newbeeeez 19
16 Bye (prev gee roosters) 9


2017/18 Summer Wednesday Mixed Family (C Grade)