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Shell Palau Sponsor Canoe Micro Cup Event

Shell Palau donated $5,000US dollars to be the main sponsor for the 2010 Micronesia Cup held in Palau from October 22-24, 2010.  Micro Cup is an international canoe event where paddlers from Guam, CNMI, Australia, Hong Kong, Singapore, Japan and Palau participate in the event.  The 2011 Micro Cup will be held in Guam the next host in October.

Palau Shipping Company Sponsor CAP Trip

With the support of Palau Shipping Company, the Canoe Association organized a trip for paddlers and swimmers to visit historical sites in Ngaraard State on Saturday December 12, 2009.  The visit was sponsored by Palau Shipping Company that provided transportation for the young athletes and their chaperones and coaches.  The group visited Ngerchokl, Surech and Tulei , Tucherliaur, and Tmelodech sites and heard  and learned by Mr. Andrew Shiro who guided the youth through each historical site. 

Neco Marine Donates $1,000 to CAP in 2009 Race

Neco Marine Owner Shallum Etpison presented a check in the amount of $1,000 to support Canoe Association of Palau program for 2009.  The donation supported the June 21st Canoe Race at PPR Beach.  The $1,000 was given to paddlers as cash prizes and supported the lunch catered by PPR on the day of the Race. The Canoe Association of Palau and all paddlers, thank NECO for their support and wish them a Happy 25th Anniversary!

ISL 2009 Sponsors

The ISL 2009 Sponsors:

Palau Transportation Corporation (PTC) provided Tents, Benches and now hosting the Canoes at the Riptide Area

A&A gas station provided ice for the teams

Koror State Rangers assisted with setting up the canoe course at Meyuns and officiated the race

Meyuns Hamlet and Meyuns Legislator Leory Ngiramowai for supporting canoe races at Meyuns Ramp area


Palau Rotary Club sponsors Canoe Race

Palau Rotary Club sponsored a sprint race at Riptide during their annual fishing derby event.  Thank you Rotary Palau for your partnership and sponsorship to canoeing in Palau.  For more information about the race and results, please go to Competition Results on this site.



Palau Fishing Association

Palau Fishing Association in hosting the annual Etpison Fishing Derby Cup has invited Canoe Association of Palau to host sprint races during the fishing event.  Thank you Palau Fishing Association and Etpison Cup sponsors for your support to canoeing in Palau.


Koror State Rangers partner of CAP

Koror State Rangers have sponsored and have assisted with Canoe Races throughout the year by setting up canoe courses, running canoe races as water officials.  CAP recognizes and extend appreciation to Adalbert Eledui, Director of Koror State Rangers for his support to the canoe program.  To all the rangers (Harry and the Rangers staff) thank you for your assistance.


Koror State Youth Council

Koror State Youth Council sponsored the canoe race as part of the Presidents Day Celebration.  KYSC youths represented the different hamlets throughout Koror at the Race.


Shell Palau Donates $3000 to Canoe 2007 Programs

Shell Palau Manager Frank Kyota strongly supports the Canoe Team as a result of the teams number rank at the 2006 Micronesian Games in Saipan.  The support fund from Shell is $3,000US Dollars - this fund will help CAP implement some of each programs for 2007 and assist in the preparation of the national team to Samoa Games.




Proud Sponsors for the 2004 Micronesia Cup

The 2004 Micronesia Cup was very successful due to the commitment and sponsorship of the following companies in Palau - Surangel and Sons, Mobil Micronesia, Palau Visitor's Authority, Palau National Olympic Committee, Pacific Savings Bank, Bank of Hawaii, Sam's Tours, Melekau Insurance, Palasia Hotel, Socio Micronesia Inc., and other companies, government and non government agencies that helped with the success of the event.

Palau Pacific Resort

Palau Pacific Resort have provided ongoing support to the Canoe Association of Palau. As the canoe corporate sponsor, PPR provides a safe place to launch and secure the canoes and an ample place for paddlers to practice at the PPR's grounds.

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Micro Cup 2016 Registration Fee $400.00 /10 per crew

V6 Sprints Oct 22 and V6 Long distance Oct 23.  Offering 500m V1 sprint Open only on Oct 21st if there is enough paddlers to register by Oct 10th.

Categories: Open, Mix Juniors, & Mix Masters

500m, 1500m and Longdistance 15km Women, 20km Men and 10km  Juniors

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PADDLING DAYS MONDAYS, WEDNESDAYS AND FRIDAYS AT MEYUNS RAMP at 530pm.   Annual Membership $25.00 per person, $10.00 students and $300.00 Club.  Please pay your membership at PNOC office at the Palau National Gym Office


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2016 Events for CAP

May 21-22 Etpison Cup @Drop Off Dock Contact Jimmy Jonas for more information at 488-6307

July 17-26 Youth Games Canoe program. Event for 19years and below  Sprints and Longdistance

October 1st Independence Day Sprints (is not set for SEPT 30th)

October 21-23 MICRO CUP PALAU, International Canoe Event   Open, Juniors, Masters and Senior Masters

More Information Contact Palau NOC Office at 488-4367 or email: pnoc@palaunet.com