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2010 Board Members

Alonz Moses, President
Debbie Toribiong, Vice President
Aileen Freese, Secretary
Baklai Temengil, Treasurer
Marina Torbiong
Tino Faautuuala
Jimmy Jonas
Bill Tony
Nikki Uehara
Evelyne Otto


Alonz Moses, PRESIDENT
Debbie Toribiong, VICE PRESIDENT
Pkngey Otobed, SECRETARY
Baklai Temengil, TREASURER
Jacquie Ngirdimau
Herman Malsol
Marina Toribiong
Youri Ito
Demei Yobech

2010-2012 Board Members
Baklai Temengil , PRESIDENT
 Villa Ngirailild, SECRETARY
 Kathy Masang, TREASURER
 PK Otobed
Tino Faatuuala
Peter Polloi
Ivan Rubeang
Youri Ito
 2008-2010 Board Members
President, Ms. Baklai Temengil
Vice President, Mr Markus Hangaripaii
Secretary, Ms Villia Ngirailild
Treasurer, Ms Pkngey Otobed
Board Member, Ms Jacky Ngirdimau
Board Member, Mr Vance Polycarp
Board Member, Ms Joy Ueki
Board Member, Mr Alonz Moses
Board Member, Ms Hulda Luka

The Canoe Association of Palau (CAP) was established in 1998 as a non-profit organization. The current officers of the Canoe Association of Palau (CAP) are as listed in this site.

There are over 100 active members of CAP and active Paddlers
Canoe Practice Time: Monday, Wednesday and Friday (5:30p-7:00pm)
Venue for Practice: MEYUNS RAMP Ramp
Number of Canoes: 8 - V6 and 2 V-1

CANOE EVENTS 500m sprint, 1500m sprint, 2500m sprint and long-distance

Belau Games 
Micronesian Games
South Pacific Games
Micronesian Cup (Annual Race)
Hawaii Races for (Open, Juniors, and Masters)
World Sprint every Two Years
Season Regattas in Palau annually
Other races around the region and the world


1998 Micronesian Games (Bronze Women and Silver Men)
1999 SPG - Guam (Women 5th place and Men 6th Place)
2000 World Sprint - Palau Participated in Australia
2001 Micronesia Cup in Palau
2002 Micronesian Games (Men 1st place and Women 1st Place)
2002 World Sprint - Palau Participated in Tahiti
2002 Micronesia Cup in Guam
2003 South Pacific Games, Fiji
2003 Micronesia Cup in Saipan
2004 World Sprint -(Palau participated in Hilo, Hawaii)
2004 Micronesia Cup, Palau
2005 South Pacific Mini Games, 1 Silver and 2 Bronze Men's Team

2006 Micronesian Games, CNMI (6 Gold Medals for all canoe events Men & Women)

 2007 Pacific Games, Samoa

2010 Micronesian Games (3 Gold and 3 Silver)

2010 Micronesian Cup (Ngardmau Club rank #Team) and Juniors Team Palau ranked #1 Junior Team

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Micro Cup 2016 Registration Fee $400.00 /10 per crew

V6 Sprints Oct 22 and V6 Long distance Oct 23.  Offering 500m V1 sprint Open only on Oct 21st if there is enough paddlers to register by Oct 10th.

Categories: Open, Mix Juniors, & Mix Masters

500m, 1500m and Longdistance 15km Women, 20km Men and 10km  Juniors

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PADDLING DAYS MONDAYS, WEDNESDAYS AND FRIDAYS AT MEYUNS RAMP at 530pm.   Annual Membership $25.00 per person, $10.00 students and $300.00 Club.  Please pay your membership at PNOC office at the Palau National Gym Office


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2016 Events for CAP

May 21-22 Etpison Cup @Drop Off Dock Contact Jimmy Jonas for more information at 488-6307

July 17-26 Youth Games Canoe program. Event for 19years and below  Sprints and Longdistance

October 1st Independence Day Sprints (is not set for SEPT 30th)

October 21-23 MICRO CUP PALAU, International Canoe Event   Open, Juniors, Masters and Senior Masters

More Information Contact Palau NOC Office at 488-4367 or email: pnoc@palaunet.com