In 2017, women's football clubs from the AFL Gippsland, AFL South East, AFL Yarra Ranges, Eastern Football League and Southern Football Netball League played in a newly formed competition known as South Eastern Women’s Football (SEWF).

SEWF is a collaborative governing body that runs a senior divisional women’s football competition in the southern and eastern suburbs of Melbourne and the Gippsland region.

The collective jointly manage and govern the SEWF competitions, which feature teams from the recently disbanded Victorian Women’s Football League (VWFL), as well as both existing and newly formed women’s teams from local competitions, in a three-tiered divisional structure.

These divisions align existing local and former VWFL clubs and teams based on their relative strength, longevity and structure to help all clubs find an appropriate level of competition and ensure a competitive balance within each division.

AFL South East took the lead in managing the top two regional divisions, while each of the SFNL, EFL/Yarra Ranges joint venture known as Eastern Region Womens, and AFL South East include teams from AFL Gippsland, are responsible for the administration of their own individual third tier development competitions. These development competitions consist mainly of new teams with a focus on assisting clubs through the initial establishment phase to ensure each team’s future sustainability.

With the increasing interest in women's football, it is expected that all competitions will expand to further divisions in coming seasons.


Now, in 2018 we see continued growth and SEWF has Division 1, 2, 3 and a Development competition for entry level clubs.  Nominations are open until March for new clubs to enter teams for this season.

Email: or call Rod Hamilton on 5995 5060 ext 5.