Merle Short Service Award

Merle Short was a long serving representative of Softball Victoria beginning in the early 1950's when she served the Association in multiple administrative roles.  Over the course of her career, Merle held positions of Victorian Softball Association President, Victorian Softball Association Secretary, Victorian Softball Association Councillor, Australian Softball Federation Delegate, Victorian Open Women's Team Manager.  While she wore many hats, Merle Short served as Manager of the Australian Team seven times, Victorian Team Manager 12 times, National Secretary-General for 25 years, and co-organizer of the first World Series in 1965.

It was at the Melbourne association at Fawkner Park that Merle stayed close to the game – she founded the Posties club and covered just about every job there was to cover for many years. They enjoyed a great rivalry with Wingers founded by her good mate Marj Dwyer

Merle’s service to softball has been recognised in many ways – she is a life member of the Australian Women’s Softball Council and the Victorian and Melbourne Softball Associations

She has also been inducted into the Victorian, Australian and International Halls of Fame

In 1993 the Victorian Softball Association commissioned the Merle Short Service Award to be presented each year to softball volunteers who have demonstrated outstanding service within the softball community, regardless of whether that service is on the diamond, coaching or umpiring, or off the diamond in administration roles.  

Since 1993 Softball Victoria has seen over 100 vounteers recognised receiving the Merle Short Service award honouring both the recipient and the award namesake.

For more information regarding the Merle Short Service Award citations for these volunteers please click on their names below.  Citation information will continue to be added moving forward.


1993  Vin Bibby  West Gippsland
1993  Jack Chaffey  Waverley
1993  Des Smith  Waverley
1993  Maria Relouw  Horsham
1993  Jean Wynn  Keilor Park
1994  Gail Bowen  Knox
1994  Lionel Foster  Geelong
1994  Reg Stabb  Geelong
1995  Pat Chambers  Waverley
1995  Chas Holland-King  Waverley
1995  Kerry McGuire  Sunshine
1996  Marie Conlon  Keilor Park
1996  Kerrie Maddern  Waverley
1997  Ron Pilkington  Waverley
1997  Greg Brown  Waverley
1998  Peter Bowen  Knox
2001  Cathy Gibson  Sunshine
2001  George James  Melbourne
2001  Joan McMaster  Sunshine
2001  John Larter  Keilor Park
2002  Sharon Myhre-Davis  Geelong
2002  Kerri Ward  Geelong
2003  Jacqui Allen  Albury
2003  Dean Anglin  Albury
2003  Laurranne Apps  Albury
2003  Max Apps  Albury
2003  Jenny Baker  Albury
2003  Stacey Baker  Albury
2003  Dot Bourke  Casey
2003  Steve Broomfield  Albury
2003  Bev Byatt  Albury
2003  Carolyn Christie  Geelong
2003  Judy Crichton  Albury
2003  Bill Giese  Albury
2003  Chris Hammond  Albury
2003  Mary Hartnett  Albury
2003  Jim Haynes  Albury
2003  Karen Jones  Albury
2003  Debbie Keogh  Casey
2003  Merv Larter  Knox
2003  Rosemary Kirk  Albury
2003  Jenny Macauley  Albury
2003  Warwick Mitchell  Albury
2003  Eric Nicholls  Geelong
2003  Val Nicholls  Geelong
2003  Robyn Nicholson  Albury
2003  Helen Nixon  Albury
2003  Peter Nixon  Albury
2003  Diane Pearson  Albury
2003  Keith Quinn  Albury
2003  Leonie Ritchie  Albury 
2003  Maree Ryan  Albury
2003  Tess Sard  Albury
2003  Donna Scammell  Albury
2003  Linda Scammell  Albury
2003  Mark Scammell  Albury
2003  Kerry Scott  Albury
2003  Cheryl Star  Albury
2003  John Sullivan  Albury 
2003  Alan Vogt  Knox 
2003  Trevor Weekly  Albury 
2003  Margaret Whittaker  Albury 
2004  Debbie Edwards  Casey 
2004  Ron Te Giffel  Casey 
2004  Jan Tyres (Posthumous)  Frankston 
2005  Ken Evans  Knox 
2005  Graeme Young  Knox
2005  Jane Lacey  Frankston
2006  Beverley Beard  Wellington 
2006  Jill Fry  Geelong
2006  Lynne Willmott  Geelong
2007  Bob Gray  Melbourne
2007  Vi Gray  Melbourne
2007  Nol Duyvestyn  Melbourne
2007  Betty Howson  Melbourne
2007  Sue Rigg  Knox 
2007  Sue Natoli  Knox 
2007  Kerryn Bell  Knox 
2007  Karen Fogarty  Knox 
2008  Leigh Evans  Sunshine 
2008  Kevin Broomhall  Werribee 
2008  Patsy Smith  Sunshine 
2008  Jo Ingram  Sunshine
2008  Fay Thompson  Sunshine 
2008  Arch Thompson  Sunshine 
2008  Julie Nemeth  Melbourne 
2008  Sue James  Melbourne 
2008  Colin Watkeys  Knox 
2009  Robyn Undy  Sunshine 
2009  Karen Stone  Sunshine
2009  Kevin Jenkins  Sunshine 
2009  Jeannie Marriot  Bairnsdale 
2009  Wayne Duyvestyn  Melbourne 
2010  Bev Allan  Werribee 
2010  Sandra Evans  Sunshine 
2010  Henry De Sachau  Dandenong 
2010  Robyn De Sachau  Dandenong 
2010  Ellen Dimitrijevic  Sunshine
2010  Esther Lightowler  Sunshine 
2010  Danny McCarthy  Sunshine 
2010  Coralee McMenomy  Casey 
2010  Rhonda Rowe  Melbourne 
2010  Brendan Shatwell  Knox
2010  Stan Tolmie  Casey 
2010  Diane Waller  Dandenong 
2010  Phil Waller  Dandenong 
2010  Karl Willmott  Geelong 
2012  Richard Barrow  Casey 
2012  Paul Bonner  Dandenong 
2012  James Giles  Dandenong
2012  Tracey Reid  Dandenong 
2012  Sandra Whalley  Casey 
2012  Judith Yates Ballarat / Geelong
2013 Tony Black Dandenong
2014  Christine Clinnick  Frankston 
2014  Judy Hanley  Frankston
2014  Malcolm Jansen  Frankston 
2014  Sharon Jansen  Frankston 
2014  Andrea Mansfield  Frankston
2015  David Addlem  Geelong
2016  Angela Broadbent  Werribee 
2016  Grant Rice  Werribee
2017 Angela Forgan Waverley
2017 Jodie Lightowler Sunshine
2017 Lynda Otimi Sunshine
2017 Allison Pendlebury Waverley