The Project Begins

In 2015 the history project was born when we were given access to the archives of Softball Victoria.  With the help of an ever growing group of dedicated volunteers, the task of collating and recording the history of Softball Victoria has been an ongoing project.  Softball Victoria has a rich history which dates back to 1942 and one that involves many players and members from many different walks of life.

Special acknowledgement must go to the following people:

The Melbourne Softball Association, in particular Elaine Duyvestyn, for their ongoing support of this project.  Elaine is a life member of Softball Victoria and has been a great collaborator to the project.

Julianne Hoskin for her ongoing support and attention to detail in collating team lists, uniform numbers and general information  Julianne also has a rich history within the sport and has represented Victoria at all levels.  Describing herself as a softball tragic, it has been great to have Julianne's assistance and insight in the ongoing work of the History Project.

Joanne Paez for keeping the supply of photos and memorabilia flowing and her knowledge about all things softball and people.  Joanne as a former Victorian and Australian representative has a large network within the history of Softball Victoria and has been always willing to answer questions and provide insight when asked.

Kerrie Evans who currently works for Softball Victoria who has been an endless support in putting this website together and providing IT assistance when required. 

Please enjoy the journey back in time as we continue to display photos and information on this website.

- Angela Broadbent


If you would like to contribute any material please email the project at

We have been gladly accepting any digital or hard copy donations and rely on the assistance of members to ensure that the project is as expansive as possible.