Update: Futsal and hot weather

Following last week's cancellations we are going to try and host Futsal as usual from this week again. The weekly forecast is not as extreme as last week but we will monitor the situation carefully on a day by day basis. If there are any late changes necessary a posting to Facebook will be the quickest way of notifying everyone in the first instance. Hopefully we should be fine! Coaches and parents please keep a close eye on the younger players especially and try to not push them too hard if things get a bit hot. Regular drink breaks could be offered during play as well. For the record, the YWCA has been contacted regarding the possibility of us using the hall for an extra week to catch up games, if everyone is keen. No word on that as an option at this stage. 
Consider the following over the next couple of weeks: Football Queensland's Hot Weather Guidelines and Sport Medicine Australia's Beat the Heat Guidelines.

State Titles

Details of the upcoming state titles are finally coming to light. The attached flyer provides details and from our point of view, Mark Guymer has been working hard with the development team we are taking away. Regular training sessions have been organised each with with Mark leading the way! Contact Mark on markbguymer@gmail.com for more info. A flyer can be downloaded at the link below.
State titles flyer

Welcome Back!

Welcome back everyone.
For those of you who may not know Chantal CAIRD has recently resigned and commenced employment at Lionheart Fitness in Campbell Street, Rockhampton.
Four years ago Chantal commenced running futsal from the YWCA with 50 junior players. She has managed to grow the competition to around 170 juniors and 50 senior players in 2018.
This has been a tremendous effort and we would like to thank her for her commitment to our game and wish her all the best for the future.

Under 11 training Squad for State Futsal Titles
Coach Mark has held the second training session for players desirous for consideration of selection in the Rockhampton Under 11 futsal team to travel to the State Titles in Brisbane in April 2018. Sessions will take place on a regular basis over the next few weeks.

Welcome to 2018 Fast Futsal

2018 Fast Futsal is now open for registration.

All teams have been re-enetered into the draw for the final 6 weeks of the season.Please register through www.myfootballclub.com.au and pay your $48.00 game fees. New players are welcome however registration of $70.00 will need to be paid ontop of game fees. All players must be registered prior to taking the court.
Games commence 23rd of January

Football Queensland Futsal Laws- Simplified

Senior Social Futsal Round 1

Senior Futsal Comp Noms Now Open!!

Following on from our successful Junior Summer Comp, we have now opened up and are taking team nominations for a SENIOR FUTSAL SOCIAL COMPETITION(16+) based in Rockhampton which will run a duration of 10 weeks. The emphasis on this comp is SOCIAL so we have included the over 35’s in this comp, so dust off the joggers and futsal boots! Yes ladies, you are included in this comp and I am sure you will give the boys a run for their money!


I take great pride in being able to deliver a smooth and hassle free competition with clear communication between all team coordinators and players with as much notice as possible given in the event of forfeits etc. All information regarding games will be released weekly via, email, Facebook and our CQ Futsal Club website by Friday of each week.

As we have our own venue, all games will be played at this facility and depending on teams that are submitted it may be required that we play over 2 nights(over 35’s you may get your own night).


As our club is affiliated through Football Queensland, there are pathways for teams to further their game by attending state titles etc. One of our junior players was lucky enough to have been chosen to attend and play with Bundaberg Futsal at the National titles in Sydney over the Christmas break.





Registration through www.myfootballclub.com.au -$35.00

Game Fees – $45.00 per team paid on the night to a club representative prior to taking the court



I would like to now encourage clubs and individuals to submit teams via the attached team nominations form to myself by no later than 14th of April. Please see the attached flyer for information and contact details.


If you have any further queries please do not hesitate in contacting myself via phone or email. Why not also check out CQ Futsal Club Facebook page that is updated on a daily basis that also has lots of cool videos and information linked to it- it is just a click away!





I look forward to meeting all our senior players in the coming weeks and trust we have a great social competition!




Futsal Laws-Types Of Free Kicks Part 3

Futsal Laws- Types of Free Kicks Part 2

Futsal Laws- Types Of Free Kicks

Adding on from Mr Perna's School Of Futsal- Free Kicks.


An interesting read: Interpretations of Law 12

Mr Perna has provided the 3rd instalment in our series of posts regarding the Futsal rules. Due to this being such a large document we have provided a link directly to it below.

This Rule 12 covers Fouls and Misconduct and is valuable reading for all players, parents and officials.
Rule 12 Fouls and Misconduct



Welcome everyone to our CQ Futsal Club website. Details of draws including results and ladders will be posted regularly as well as news items of interest. Draws can be found at the Fixtures tab above while keep an eye out for ladders and other updates as we get off and running.

We're Off!

Recently we launched our new club with a media launch at the YWCA in Rockhampton. The following week we ran some trial games to 'test the waters' and then on Tuesday evening the U10 competition kicked-off the Futsal season proper. Below is a link to an article about the launch from the Morning Bulletin while you can also see some images from the launch and the trial games. 

Morning Bulletin Futsal launch


Under 10


Under 14

Notice Board




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