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Here’s a rather uninteresting piece about the official structure of the Mitcham Thunder.  If you want to have a say in the direction of the club you’ll need to wade through this, so we’ve made it as simple to understand as we can.


No one can just decide to run a not for profit sports club, it has to be a registered entity known as an INCORPORATED ASSOCIATION.

So we applied and as of 28 July, 2016 a Certificate of Incorporation was granted and we officially started the MITCHAM BASKETBALL CLUB INCORPORATED. Yes that’s our official name.  The MITCHAM THUNDER is what we call ourselves. – It’s a club nickname.

Under the RULES FOR AN INCORPORATED ASSOCIATION (constitution) set down by Consumer Affairs Victoria, An Incorporated Association requires a minimum of 5 members, but there is no maximum number of members.

From the Associations Membership, A Committee must be made up comprising A President, A Vice President, A Secretary, A Treasurer, and at least one Ordinary Member.



Enrolling your children in our programs, or registering your children for games in our competitions DOES NOT make you a member.

To become a member of MITCHAM BASKETBALL CLUB INCORPORATED a membership fee must be paid.  The fee can be paid at any time and entitles you to membership for one year from the date of payment.

Currently the annual membership fee is set at $10.

Membership of MITCHAM BASKETBALL CLUB INCORPORATED enables you to vote at the Annual General Meeting and enables you to nominate for a position on the committee.

Once the membership fee is paid you will be added to the official register of members which is held by the Secretary.

Note: Once the official notification has been issued announcing an upcoming Annual General Meeting, the sitting committee reserves the right to not  approve new memberships until after the Annual General Meeting has taken place.

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