Athlete Selection


These criteria's are ONLY used to determine your eligibility; final decision is decided by the Board of Directors considering other factors such as type of competition (developmental or elite), financial status, etc.


The Guam National Track & Field Association (GTFA) will be hosting tryouts and qualifying events in order to nominate a team for any National and International meets such as the Pacific Games, Oceania Championships, World Championships, and Olympics. All meets sponsored and sanctioned by GTFA are use to earn IAAF points.

Athletes will be identified and/or selected by the Selection Committee and the head coach based on their previous performances and/or recognition at a) national tournaments, b) regional tournaments, c) Guam Sport League and/or d) at an invitation or development training camp or, e) tryout/qualifying events.

Each applicant must fill out the required application forms provided to them by GTFA Federation and must meet the Requirements set out by GTFA and the GNOC. Each participant is required to take part in the fundraising. 


Announcement for the National Team will be posted immediately to the GTFA and GNOC Website and advertised in the Guam Pacific Daily news and through outreach efforts with athletes in the national network.


To be eligible for selection, an athlete/coach/official must meet the Residency Guidelines as set forth by the Guam National Olympic Committee. The Residency Guidelines will be handed out to each individual at the tryout/qualifying event. The applicant must be in Good standing with the Federation, and the GNOC.

Each participant must be a paid and registered member of GTFA and must have previous competition experience, such as: current/former athlete in a league team, college team as well as meet the qualifying marks set forth by the GTFA.

Additional requirements for nominations:

1.Commit to maintaining a GTFA/coach-mandated training program from the time of nomination until the end of the specified international competition;

2.Maintain contact with the GTFA and keep them informed about your training progress;

3.Exhibit good sportsmanship, on and off the playing/practice field of play, and good character.

4.Attend all mandated training camps or practices, unless other arrangements are made;

5.Shall perform/participate in fundraising activities for the Guam National Team (GNOC) and GTFA.

6.Be a member of the GN(S)F or affiliated club;

7.Must be a current member of GTFA


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World Athletic Day Part 1/GTFA Junior National Track & Field Championship April 11  JFK-All high school athletes are eligible
GTFA Youth National Track & Field Championship/WAD Part II May 31 Leo Palace- All middle school athletes are eligible 
GTFA Open National Track & Field Championship June 7  Leo Palace


The Guam Track & Field Association exists to:

  1. Develop the framework for athletes to participate competitively at international and regional events.
  2. Promote the development of new athletes through local, developmental, and regional events.
  3. Assist in the development of coaching expertise on Guam to raise the performance level of Athletics.
  4. Develop officiating in the sport of Track & Field to maintain expertise for professionally managed track, cross-country, and road race events.