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The Cook Islands Volleyball Association (CIVA) is an affiliated federation of the Cook Islands National Sports and National Olympic Committee. It is responsible for the development of Volleyball throughout the Cook Islands and is the paramount decision making body for all affiliated Volleyball Associations in the Cook Islands. Affiliated Volleyball Associations include Volleyball Associations of the various islands in the Cook Islands as well as the Auckland Cook Islands Volleyball Association. CIVA is responsible for the coordination of the following competitions:

  • Rarotonga Outdoor Volleyball League
  • Rarotonga Indoor Volleyball League
  • Rarotonga Beach Volleyball League
  • National Manea Zone Games
  • Tumutevarovaro Zone Games
  • Purapura Zone Games
  • Cook Islands Games
  • Cook Islands National Volleyball Championships

Since re-establishment of CIVA in 1995, volleyball has grown to a sport which is played on every Island in the Cook Islands, and is a sport which all ages arre played. Volleyball is also a compulsory sport on the Zone Games program and this was based on the sport being played throughout the Cook Islands.

CIVA Objectives:

  1. To promote and encourage the development of Volleyball througthout the Cook Islands, in particular schools, villages and clubs
  2. To ensure the formulation and implementation of appropriate projects, tournaments and programmes concerning Volleyball throughout the Cook Islands
  3. To encourage, promoteand ensure the development of effective training for players, coaches and officials


UPDATES - Social Volleyball League Volleyball finished up last night with their finals, results have been posted. Teams get ready for the next tournament, and prepare for 2014 Social League Tournament.

CONSTITUTION CHAMPIONSHIPS - Cook Islands Volleyball will be running a Championship Volleyball tournament during the first week of the Constitution, there will be an Indoor and Beach Tournament, this will be a first for Volleyball. Players who have blood tie to their islands can form a Volleyball team for this tournament, including the Vaka on Rarotonga. This tournament will be run over a period of 3 - 4 days, with prizser to be won. For registration contact Robert Graham on Mb: 55100, Email: robert.graham@cookislands.gov.ck.,

Regeistrations will close Friday 5th July 2013, reminder registration fees must be paid in full prior to commencement of tournament.

2013 SEASON - Those interested early next year we will be kicking off with the Social Volleyball League, which will run for 11 weeks. Following the Socila Volleyball League, Club Competition will be organised, so keep posted and check this site for more updates. 2013 Calendar listed below;

National Champs        29th – 31st July

Beach Nationals         2nd – 3rd Aug

BHV Tournament        25th Sep - 27th Nov


Social Volleyball Updates

RESULTS of the Finals

Aremango Sharks - 88 vs Spikers - 84

Rebbels - 100 vs Side Kicks - 94

2013 Social League Final Placing

  1. Aremango Sharks
  2. Spikers
  3. Rebels
  4. Side Kicks
  5. Fiji Me
  6. Notorious D.I.G





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