Performance Analysis

The use of photo and video analysis is widely used in the development of umpires in NSW. This type of analysis provides umpires with the opportunity to ‘see’ exactly what they’re doing on the diamond and in training, rather than relying on them to merely ‘believe’ what they are being told.

We can hear you all thinking that you’d like to video your own games but don’t know where to begin? Never fear - we’ve got you covered!

The SNSWUA has put together a handy how-to-guide for video/photo analysis. Sound complicated? It’s not really – all you need is a still camera or video camera (even your phone or iPad will do). And best of all, you can do it in your own Association.

What are the benefits of video analys?

Method of self-evaluation or to train other umpires

Confirm good practices

Identify possible areas for improvement

Here is a very simple diagram outlining the best angles to video or take photos for training purposes. Remember to keep in mind that the quality of your tools will impact on the quality of the video or photos being collected.

There are three suggested camera angles that will provide you with the best possible visual feedback of your umpiring:

Homerun fence

Behind home plate

To the side of home plate (90 degrees)

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