There are 8 levels in the Australian umpiring accreditation system:

  • Level 1: Is awarded when a rules assessment theory pass mark has been attained, successful completion of the two modules in the “Play By The Rules” free online training course* and a basic understanding for umpire mechanics has been demonstrated. This is covered by the Softball Australia Level 1 Introductory Umpire Program and does not require the formal practical assessment to be undertaken, only an on-diamond check of your Umpiring skills by a softball official at your association.
  • Levels 2-4: Involves passing a theory based exam and a practical assessment at either local or state competitions/tournaments.
  • Levels 5-6: Involves passing a theory based exam and a practical assessment at national tournaments.
  • Levels 7-8: Recognition accreditations and are awarded by the Softball Australia National Umpiring Program (Softball Australia NUP).

* First time registration for Play By The Rules online training is required.

Each accreditation level requires certain experience and an appropriate rules assessment pass mark in the Softball Australia Rules Assessments before moving on to the next level.

The following table lists the pass marks required for each level.

SAL Assessment Pass Marks

In order to gain accreditation you will be required to have complied with your Member States Protection requirements, and completed the Play By The Rules online training.

The Softball Australia Rules Assessment is part of the accreditation process and is set in a true/false format, and is sat by all umpires around Australia at the same time.

Click here to visit the Rules Assessment page for all information, FAQ’s and links.

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