MYC Sailing Instructions and Rule Changes

Every four (4) years the "Racing Rules of Sailing" are updated by the newly named "World Sailing" governing body and the following details the rules changes for those of you who have been racing for a while and take an interest of how it will affect some situations on the water while racing.

The following MYC Sailing Instructions are governed by these changes and have been updated accordingly. Click to Download

Start Flags : A "U" flag has been added to the Preparatory Signals, it looks like this and means "Rule 30.3" is in effect.

U Flag

Rule 30.3 (the U-flag rule) is a new rule: "If flag U has been displayed, no part of a boat's hull, crew or equipment shall be in the triangle formed by the ends of the start line and the first mark during the last minute before her starting signal. If a boat breaks this rule and is identified, she shall be disqualified without a hearing, but not if the race is restarted or resailed". (Comment - simply to stop dip starts!)

There is a new rule (Rule 6) requiring competitors and support persons not to be involved in betting or corrupt practices.

There is a new rule (Rule 7) requiring competitors and 'support persons' to comply with 'Regulation 35, Disciplinary, Appeals and Review Code'. To include coaches (and parents) in these obligations is an important change.

There are some long-anticipated rule changes to Rule 69 (which is about cheating and bringing the sport into disrepute).

A new rule has been added to Rule 18.2 (Give Mark-Room):

(d) Rule 18.2(b) and (c) cease to apply when the boat entitled to mark-room has been given that mark-room, or if she passes head to wind or leaves the zone.

Rule 18.3 (Tacking in the Zone) has been rewritten (finally!); the rule now applies only at a port-hand mark rounding. So when approaching a port-hand windward mark, if you are tacking below or ahead of a starboard-tack boat, and as you go through head-to-wind and any part of your boat is inside the zone, then even though you become the right-of-way boat (clear ahead or to leeward), if you have forced the starboard tacker to sail above close-hauled (luff) to avoid you, you are in the wrong and have broken this rule!!!!! Or, if yacht was clear astern and then to chooses to go below you, you cannot change your direction, you must give her mark-room.

Rule 19.1 (Room to pass an obstruction) has been changed so as to remove the conflict that occurred when three (3) boats all overlapped with each other approach a mark with the windward boat on the inside.

Rule 22.3 Dinghies hovering in a good place on the start line have developed a technique where they back the sail on the leeward side when heading above close-hauled on starboard tack. The sail un-stalls, forcing the boat not just to move astern but also to windward. What has changed is that if she moves towards a boat to windward of her, she now loses her right-of-way status (as leeward boat).

Rule 49.2 If sailing a keelboat with lifelines, they must be taut.

Rule 55 is the disposal of rubbish.