Non TSASA Events

We list NON TSASA Events which are sent on to our members from Yachting SA and other clubs.  Many of our members like to see these and indeed many participate, but the TSASA bears no responsibility for these events.  The clubs which organise these events have complete responsibility for them.


January 2018 Not an official cruise but people will be in Kangaroo Island from the new year to about 12th.  Contact Juliet Browell for details. 



Milang to Goolwa Race January Long Weekend 2018 Goolwa Regatta Yacht Club

27 - 29 January Vincent Open Classic from the Port Vincent Sailing Club.  Seven races in bay over 3 days or private cruise.  Club dinner sunday 24 - must book in.  CYC Marina berths available but must be booked.

Flotilla for Kids coming up February 2018.  Start and finish in the Port River.  More details to follow...


16th - 20th February King of the Gulf trip races – several TSASA members will be participating, for more info contact Kevin Kelly via the link– Brian Lawrie has offered use of his house for trailer storage – contact Brian for more info.


Spencer Gulf Cruise in March hosted by the Upper Spencer Gulf yacht clubs. *Note the TSA have not been able to find out who is organising  or when the Gulf Cruise is for 2018.  It was due to start at Port Broughton and finish at Port Pirie.  Details may be on web at some date soon.  Search for 'Spencer Gulf Cruise 2018'


First vessel to be constructed in SA waters.  Schooner Independence.

Rebuild “Independence” – American River KI

An ambitious plan is being pursued by maritime enthusiasts on Kangaroo Island, to build a replica of what they believe was the first ship built in South Australia. A chance meeting between Nicholas Baudin and some American Whalers in King George Sound (WA) informed the Americans that there were plenty of seals and whales to be caught at the newly named “Kangaroo Island” where Flinders had recently stayed and enjoyed an abundance of food. The 25 year old captain of the 99 ton Brig “Union”  Isaac Pendleton headed east and wintered in a sheltered lagoon on KI during 1803 and it was here that they constructed the 35 ton schooner Independence using a mix of American and local timber. She was launched into the waters of Pelican Lagoon, close to a spot which we now know as “American River”.  There she was used as a support vessel and as a trader of seal oil and skins until sailing fully laden to Sydney in June 1804.  Later that year the Independence sailed south from Sydney 500 miles to the sealing grounds of the Antipodes Islands. (S-E of NZ) where she delivered sealers.   She returned later to Sydney to gather stores to resupply the sealers and again set sail for the Antipodes. She was never heard from again, the sealers being rescued in 1806 together with their 60000 skins.

The TSA members at the May meeting were pleased to hear of the work of this group of enthusiasts who 211 years later plan to build a working replica of the Independence, to celebrate the lives of the men who built and sailed her and also to generate interest and income for the town which like many small SA country towns is struggling to keep viable.

Check out their website –    to become a member/supporter/donor or to find out more and see what they have already achieved. Many members at the meeting paid $20 to buy a plank  as a way of supporting this cause. Our speakers Greg Roberts, Tony Klieve and Kevin Matthews from American River provided an informative and entertaining talk and were rewarded with a small bottle of seal oil as a token of our thanks.



Report of the Goolwa Milang Freshwater Classic 2016

This is a wonderful event and there are usually quite a number of TSASA members entering into the race and festivities.



TSASA Calendar


Printable 2017 - 2018 Calendar is available by clicking here


February 22nd - 27th Lake Eildon Cruise.  See Cruising Events page.

February 24 and 25 GRECIAN CUP RACE AND LADIES RACE See Racing page

March 4th - 22nd: COFFIN BAY/CEDUNA/GULF CRUISE See Cruising Events page.

March 6th General Meeting Tuesday at 8 pm  At the Henley Beach Sailing Club.  BYO supper to share.  Many people will be away in Coffin Bay so the meeting will feature tips and tricks of sailing/racing/cruising.  Bar open

30th March - 2nd April TRADITIONAL EASTER GOOLWA/LAKES/COORONG CRUISE See Cruising Events page

April 3rd General Meeting Tuesday at 8 pm  At the Henley Beach Sailing Club. Mary and David Threlfo will be speaking of  the second half of their trip in a catamaran along the east coast of the United States.   BYO supper to share.  Bar open

April 15th - 20th POST EASTER GLENELG RIVER CRUISE in the SA School Holidays.  See Cruising Events page

1st May General Meeting Tuesday at 8 pm  At the Henley Beach Sailing Club.  BYO supper to share.  Bar open

28th April Annual Presentation Dinner.  Details to be advised.

June 5th General Meeting Tuesday at 8 pm  At the Henley Beach Sailing Club.  BYO supper to share.  Bar open

June 9 - 11th  LONG WEEKEND CRUISE ON THE RIVER MURRAY See Cruising Events page

July 3rd General Meeting and Annual General MeetingTuesday at 8 pm  At the Henley Beach Sailing Club.  BYO supper to share.  Bar open

Sept 15th - Oct 12th MAJOR CRUISE 2 DIFFERENT MURRAY RIVER LOCATIONS See Cruising Events page


Preliminary plans

September/October Moreton Bay/ Clarence River or Pt Stephens/ Myall Lakes / Macquarie Lakes.