The TSASA cares about the safety of its members, other participants and the general public involved in or affected by any TSASA event.  In exercising this duty of care, all members are expected to take reasonable steps to reduce the risk of injury to participants and others.  The Association has adopted a formalised safety management approach that includes risk assessment prior to conducting TSASA events and, where reasonably practicable, the implementation of appropriate control measures to mitigate risks.

One of the benefits of membership of the TSASA is that when participating in TSASA events less experienced skippers and crew can learn from more experienced members and thus, in time, become more self-sufficient.  Whilst the TSASA is not an expert body involved in formal training, by facilitating activities for members with the context of the TSASA Safety Policy members can enjoy sailing and socialising with like-minded companions.



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  • Safety is the responsibility of everyone.
  • The TSASA is committed to ensuring a safe environment for TSASA members and anyone who may be affected by events endorsed by the TSASA.
  • It is a condition of membership of the TSASA that all members comply with the requirements of the Association’s Safety Management principles.
  • The TSASA will fulfil its duty of care by making every reasonable effort to provide a safe environment at TSASA events and to reduce risk of personal injury or damage to property.
  • The purpose of Safety Management in the TSASA is to integrate safety into the everyday running of the Association and to ensure that safety is an integral part of event planning.


The Safety Policy is encapsulated in the Safety Management System (SMS) document that provides a framework for procedures to manage risks and organise on-water events.  This document outlines a systematic approach to safety management and specifies procedures that clarify individual responsibility at the Committee, Event Leader and Member levels.  The Event Leader is a member approved by the Committee to manage the organisation of an endorsed event.

Whenever a event is conducted the Event Leader is responsible to ensure that a series of activities, that are fully described in the SMS document, are undertaken.  Of these activities the preparation of a Safety Plan provides the mechanism to ensure, as far as is practical, a safe and enjoyable event occurs.

TSASA Safety Plan Components 

  • Notice of Event
  • Risk Assessment
  • Event Entry Form
  • Sailing Instructions
  • Event Leadership and Operation
  • Post Event Reporting and Records Management

The Event Leader would usually develop the Safety Plan in consultation with the Safety Officer and drawing on the expertise of others with special knowledge of the area or event.

Each participant boat skipper is provided with the Sailing Instructions prepared by the Event Leader that provide details including the general sailing plan and any specific safety alerts or equipment requirements to ensure that participants are well informed of potential conditions.

Safety Management Forms and Documents

Members may obtain a hard copy of the Safety Management System document by contacting the Safety Officer.

Member can download generic examples of Event Entry Forms to complete and provide to the appropriate Event Leader as required.

Event Participant Documents

Cruise Event Entry Form

Racing Event Entry Form

Event Leaders may download the event planning documents below or obtain hard copies from the Safety Officer to create forms specific to each event.

Event Leader Documents

Cruise Planning Documents

Cruise Sailing Documents

Racing Safety Plan Outline

Racing Instructions Example




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TSASA Calendar


Printable 2017 - 2018 Calendar is available by clicking here


June 5th General Meeting Tuesday at 8 pm  At the Henley Beach Sailing Club.  BYO supper to share.  No guest speaker but short member contribution.  Bar open

June 9 - 11th  LONG WEEKEND CRUISE ON THE RIVER MURRAY See Cruising Events page

July 3rd General Meeting and Annual General MeetingTuesday at 8 pm  At the Henley Beach Sailing Club.  BYO supper to share.  Bar open

Sept 15th - Oct 12th MAJOR CRUISE 2 DIFFERENT MURRAY RIVER LOCATIONS See Cruising Events page


Preliminary plans

September/October Moreton Bay/ Clarence River or Pt Stephens/ Myall Lakes / Macquarie Lakes.